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  1. I get the apparent freeze, can play but not connected as chat and checkpoints dont work. This happens in latest version. amd 64 3500+ 2gb geil value ram asus v9999 GE sb audigy 2 zs This happens when mate hosts and i join him. Happens randomly usualy during long races so is annoying when i have to force disconect and reconect to get back in to mates server (not dedicated). He also has these freezes and we also hate the console kicked bug. It happens alot this one too and even kicks the host lol which we both find annoying.
  2. Most of the time i play with mate and he hosts it on his comp. We patched to 1..1..1 and this is supose to fix the issue but it doesnt. The server kicks me, him others off now and again and is very annoying. Please can you take out the server kicking ppl feature as lets say for instance im on a 255 point map, im 1st im about 200th cp, the server kicks me, i rejoin and back at start and this is highly annoying. Alot of the times as well, the server will loose connection to host resulting in you "thinking" ur still playing but aint, u can drive and all that but ur no longer able to chat with
  3. Well we like long 250 checkpoint maps and making our own maps. We have on the odd occasion played default maps but rarly. We enjoy maps we make cos we know what the other likes. Anyhow thats besides the point. So any chance of freeing up object limits a bit and let the person who runs the server make his own mind up to add/use maps that have more than 250 objects? Set a condition in the server file perhaps?
  4. Well i assume object limit is 250 as when i add more (my map i last did had 275 objects in) the map was missing sections like a ramp here a section there. When i took 25 off the 275 object map it was stable as in nothing disappeared when testing the map. So even tho i could do 200 1 map 200 in another and combine in wordpad i fear i would still get the missing objects problems.
  5. But most of my maps are just for 2 people, me and a friend and we have top spec pc's so object limit could be increased for my maps so me and mate can enjoy more objects on the maps. Btw sorry about search. I dont post here much really or visit so just post them straight away my suggestions. Dont get me wrong btw, good to have limit so performance aint a problem for the majority, but what about the minority?
  6. Yep i would like to request a higher object limit as i was making a destruction derby map of my own and found i couldnt do as much as i wanted to as i would have liked to. Change from 250 to about 350 would be great. Hope request can be filled for next race release.
  7. A very much requested feature i would like is to have a swear word filter embeded in the ingame chat system. I really hate the people that feel the need to swear constantly. Is there anything that can be done? Perhaps code it the way some forums have swear word filter system? Also possibility to block people using ingame chat such as say person x i want to block from showing up on my chat window in top corner, can a command be made to block all text chat from that person so i dont recieve all the foul language from ppl so i have a clean chat window with sensible and mature people. As it h
  8. Would it be possible to play the cop messages that cop cars usually get now and again, alot more so on ur cb ur contantly getting cop reports etc... Might fill gap of the no radio stations. Btw i do also miss radio when in cop cars. But i supose we can use wmp/winamp and use the ripped music from the dvd of gta sa whcih is legal i heard.
  9. Just some ideas i had, sorry if they have been voiced before but i dont post often and just wanted to post this quickly. 1. Spawn picker. This idea is if lets say we have 1 spawn point for fugitive or someone who must be placed somewhere away from other spawns. And you then have other spawns in one place somewhere for example police. Then i would really like a menu when race starts to allow people to pick which spawn point to use, if they could be named and choosen by name and not "spawn1" etc that would be ever more helpfull. 2. Spawn limiter This is kinda a idea to go with above. In
  10. If you dont like it then dont post. I thought it was good view the way the car is and its position and the sky in the back.
  11. If you dont like it then dont post. I thought it was good view the way the car is and its position and the sky in the back.
  12. Like massive hosting sites with files, i supose u can sort into whats most downloaded? Maybe that will get passed the voting issue. I have 1 vote i never asked for on one of my maps so there is some true votes out there. Tho i do agree it should perhaps close and be pruned for bugged or incomplete or unplayable maps. Then reopen with some guidlines before posting and certain requirments to be filled.
  13. Dont diss the map center addition it has worked very well. Just could benefit of some top 10 tables in some catagorys thats all. Especially a top 50 maps with highest rank ratings.
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