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  1. about starting in last place: it always happens to me and i wonder if its got something to do with my less than wonderful graphics card?
  2. yeah, being able to specify in map editor how fast a car can go or the power of a certain weopan would be cool.
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    Maps: Post yours!

    Seperating Men From Boy's Variety Map Author: Gav (Gavin Golden) of SMFB UK&I Link: will post later (im in college atm) Race: Fun, its not full of 90-degree turns, the challenge is that it makes you play with a wide variety of vehicles, and includes 3 or 4 specific little tasks or obstacles that can make or break your race. No. Players: 1-18, 4-10 recommended Server: none as yet
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  5. That's an excellent idea. i was going to also compare it to a few rally games like Colin McRae rally which have little indicators for the next turn, so if someone was creating a rally style map, they could use a symbol for whats coming up. i know the checkpoints at the moment point toward the next checkpoint but that could be different to where the players will have to drive, eg a little warning symbol that they are facing a hairpin turn or a chicane. the way the symbols could be implemented in the message tag could be similar to the way smilies work in BBcode on these boards; so rather tha
  6. 1 How i would like to see respawning handled: for a long race like "long way around" you can set certain checkpoints to be also respawn points. Long Way Around provides for you lots of repair pick-ups, but once you die, its a 10 minute wait. If every 2 minutes or so you passed a checkpoint with spawnign enabled, that becomes your default spawning point. So when you fly over a hill and into the water, you wait 5 seconds then respawn at the last spawn/checkpoint. you probably wont win the race (unless everyone else has to respawn too) but at least its more interesting than watching a couple of g
  7. looks brilliant, i showed some friends and they want to play now.
  8. it should be enabled via the map settings in the editor (ie respawn true/false), there should be a "randomize respawn" option (also true/false in the map editor) for free roam style maps or any future "frag" or "wins" competitions. and i cant think of a situation where getting respawned back where you started would be worse than sitting around. for short maps or for whatever kind of map you dont want people respawning because they'd be too far away, you can just disable it when designing the map. now that you have the platform built i dont think it would take months for this to be put in. an
  9. I think you'll find its significantly more than that, the pile-ups on the motorways and faster roads can involve many more. i challenge you to show me a pile up of more than 5 non-blown up cars. more cars arrive on top of the pile up if one or two of the original ones blow up
  10. hi this has been common knowledge for months did you download a mod without even finding out what you were downloading? byez
  11. MTA:SA cant buy you more RAM and a proper games processor
  12. definately, i have a PS2 joypad for the PC and you can tell the game was designed with it in mind.
  13. it depends on the media you use to connect your PCs
  14. have you tried reinstalling Gta and updating your drivers
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