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  1. enter

    MTA CRASH 1.3

    I have got the same problem
  2. it is in the map files but if i do open in editor he isnt there
  3. Still not fixed .. I am running windows vista 32-bits
  4. Still having the problem .. All this didnt worked
  5. i have reinstalled my server.. and ill report this to mta
  6. Hes did something what we mean "Hack" and he do it to my server and now.. i cant play at it..
  7. Some bitch named cookie freezed my server because i pwn him.. How i can fix this? Plz help with this? and if u want to freeze his server? Its for free.. greetz..
  8. Ill need an Race Scripter!! For my clan! Ill give him Co leader!! check www.ldt-clan.co.cc !
  9. Rate this map ! Made by me.. Greetz
  10. Do you are dutch? And a scripter? Add my xf: enter5314
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