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  1. That's not Valhalla's RP server... RPG servers are the ones you choose your faction which is bad RP. Valhalla's RP server is a strict RP server where you gotta actually work your way into a faction.
  2. Have you seen ValhallaGaming's RP server? That right there proves you can create an awesome RP server. I play there all the time. I'm currently trying to learn to script so I can create an RP server myself.
  3. I don't know what I did but the teleport window shows up at the start and the cursor doesn't go away after teleporting the second time it pops up. Please fix and clean up my script. I haven't a clue what I did and cant seem to fix it. script.lua(server): function joinHandler() local x = 1743 local y = -1863 local z = 14 -- spawnPlayer(source, x, y, z) -- fadeCamera(source, true) outputChatBox("--------------------", source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), joinHandler) local time = getRealTime() setMinuteDuration(60000) setTime(time.hour, time.minute) -- create the
  4. I'm using the login system from the guide on the wiki but what do I do if i want dozens of accounts? I don't want to be putting them all into gui.lua so how can I make this easier and cleaner? gui.lua (client): function createLoginWindow() -- define the X and Y positions of the window local X = 0.375 local Y = 0.375 -- define the width and height of the window local Width = 0.25 local Height = 0.25 -- create the window and save its element value into the variable 'wdwLogin' -- click on the function's name to read its documentation wdwLogin = guiCreateWindow(X, Y, Width, Height, "Please Log
  5. Thank you, I tried putting those in the wrong function after posting. EDIT: Alright so now the buttons work and it teleports me but I can't move. EDIT2: Switched setElementPosition back to spawnPlayer and I can now move around
  6. The buttons for my teleport window don't work. Also, how would i go about making the camera fade in after teleporting? (I made it so that the screen is black until teleporting.) gui.lua (from the beginning of teleport window): function createTeleportWindow() local sWidth, sHeight = guiGetScreenSize() local Width,Height = 231,188 local X = (sWidth/2) - (Width/2) local Y = (sHeight/2) - (Height/2) teleportWindow = guiCreateWindow(X,Y,Width,Height,"Starting Area",false) guiWindowSetSizable(teleportWindow,false) teleportLabel = guiCreateLabel(18,23,191,33,"Bus or Plane?",false,teleportW
  7. Wow that is simple. Thank you You are Jesus for noobs like me. lol
  8. I'm working with the tutorials on the wiki and when I test it out, all the GUI's are open at the same time. How can I make it so that after I log in, the rules window pups up and then after I click accept, the teleport window pops up? Please explain in detail since I'm very new.
  9. That didn't work either. How can I fix the "ACL denied access to debugscript" so that I can debug?
  10. Okay the Login GUI shows up but now nothing happpens when I click on the login button. I tried doing the debugscript command but I get ACL: Denied access.
  11. Alright, so I'm following the guides on the wiki and so far I've hit 2 walls. The command to spawn a vehicle doesn't work and the Login GUI doesn't show up. Here is my script.lua: function joinHandler() local x = 1743 local y = -1863 local z = 14 -- spawnPlayer(source, x, y, z) fadeCamera(source, true) setCameraTarget(source, source) outputChatBox("Welcome to DarkM's RP", source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), joinHandler) -- create the function the command handler calls, with the arguments: thePlayer, command, vehicleModel function createVehicleForPlayer(thePlayer, c
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