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  1. oakie dokie i just hope they have that no the next version, its not fun to look away and back up and look away and move forwards all the time
  2. Howcome a and d move the camera left and right instead of strafing? It owuld be sooo much easier if it made u strafe and not make you turn which is what the mouse is for.
  3. i actually like wasd and the mouse, as hav i for all other gtas. When im flying i dont look aroudn though i use arrows and wasd
  4. yes i know i just found that today. sweet
  5. no offense...but 5500??? i had to use a 5900 while i was waiting for my x850 and it sucked hard
  6. but this one http://files.filefront.com/No_Fairmap/;4657263;;/fileinfo.html is bestter in a different way (its not a race its last man standing)
  7. this map http://files.filefront.com/No_Fairmap/;4657263;;/fileinfo.html is by far the best
  8. how about a race where one guy in a car shoots the other one races (who woulda though of that eh, also bit off threads topic but whatever)
  9. arg i never played blow the dam and i wanna, everytime some1 makes a vote for it i vote yes along with 12 other ppl and 2 ppl vote no so the vote is cancelled....maybe the vote thing should wait the whole 5 seconds without cancelling
  10. please anyone? 2 people downloaded but no reply to this post? and i also found out that i can host because my router hates me
  11. id say vc awesome modding, awesome cheating, awesome mta, awesome missions, awesome running, awesome modding, awesome music, the nightclub (omg i forgot what its called!!!), the mta spawn roof (lol), aweosme stunting, no bike / driving / shooting levels, awesome modding, best longevity r.i.p. to the maically non-working cd after my friend used it for mta...
  12. i played alot of old computer games that i liked but the first one i was actually addicted to was (proudly) doom shareware. wewt
  13. Can somebody put my map on their server? I have only tested it myself and found nothing wrong and now i wanna try it on a server. (send me the ip or your server if u can) linky: http://files.filefront.com/No_Fairmap/;4657263;;/fileinfo.html (click the more info tab)
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