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  1. Kaotic

    freezes up

    That works THANKYOU!
  2. Kaotic

    freezes up

    Id be extremely greatful if anybody can find a solution, i understand how frustrating to Dev's it is, and i appreciate all your hard work. I hope you can find a solution, to the minority experienceing this problem.
  3. Kaotic

    freezes up

    Still freezes here, im on Vista, tried every solution and nothings working
  4. Lol, i believe they played it on my server. Anyways love the beta 2, nice for WIP
  5. Id care to disagree, i think because of talking to you you want to take this map so to speak to the next level, by adding barrels youre making a way for those people with better pings who always win a chance to lose, i mean like bigsmoke is doing, he is giving users the chance to die and by adding barrels and other means of dieing everybody has a fair chance, although you would get those idiots who complain because they died but it really depends what youre trying to make the map do, but i think you should. Anyways the screenies look great, hope i get that beta you promised soon because i can
  6. Kaotic

    Pipe Maze

    Sure, ill test it on my server if you want
  7. the first was pretty popular on my server, but yeah make it longer and not able to get off the course
  8. Kaotic

    Pipe Maze

    Yes it is possible, and hey smoke. I go by name [sAS]Pinky nowadays, if you have time visit the SAS server
  9. I would like to offer my site to host your downloads. Space and bandwidth isnt a issue as i own a hosting company and have a very good deal with them. IF you want me to host downloads or would like to contact me please do so. my site is: http://www.leetplans.net
  10. GSE Have made sure that the uk dedicated server is ready for release. Details : ip: gse.gtamp.net port: 22004 Hope to see you at 10pm GMT on there
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