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  1. With very little lag? I think not. I've played local home-hosted servers, they lag even with a 2-5 players on them. Unless someone is running 24/7 off a dedicated server?
  2. Surely if you're paying good money to have a server running, you must care about it a little?
  3. The server I am referring to is simply called "Default MTA Server" @ 22003 I have been playing this particular server for months now and have seen absolutely NO sign of admins. If MTA doesn't own this server then who does? Thanks, Sam.
  4. Hello all, back again. I play default MTA (Sydney) a lot and it's a great server except for the hackers. A lot of them seem to be from South America and ruin the whole gameplay, often causing local players (non-hackers) to quit in frustration . I think these servers are run by MTA, so this is the first place I thought to ask for more moderation. If anyone can help that'd be great, I'll even moderate them if need be. Thanks! -Sam
  5. Thanks for the reply. The only other person who uses the server is the host.
  6. Trying to connect to a server I used to play quite frequently without any issues. Now when I try to join I only get the above loading bar, never goes beyond 0b. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks! -Sam
  7. I've also noticed on some servers that they changed the entire lobby, not just the textures. How do we do that? Create a different spawn point with an interior sky map? Thanks
  8. Used IMGTool and TXDWorkshop to find, edit and replace the skins When's the release of the new BaseMode rhbk?
  9. Yeah, that's true. But notice I say "we", I'm not the only one involved in this server. I just make maps and do the textures and stuff. Any help IS appreciated thanks.
  10. Also I noticed some servers have edited their skins, not skins that can be normally found in GTA SA. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks.
  11. Can I have it please?
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