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  1. Take a look and like our fanpage to stay in touch with server updates and recent news:
  2. Thank you, please give me some feedback as soon as you give it a try
  3. Master of the Kill is the MTA:SA based shooter gamemode in which players compete in large-scale PvP clash. The last man standing is the Master of the Kill. You must fight for life and death. Try to survive. Everyone is your enemy. Kill or be killed. GAMEPLAY Lobby While joining the game you start your adventure in lobby. This is the place, where you wait for start of the round. Two players are required to start the battle. During the waiting you can discover the lobby location, drive the vehicles and train your shooting skills (last one - coming soon next update). Find the weapons and vehicle The battle begins with throwing players into game area. You get the parachute to land safely. For now your first task is to find the tools you’ll need: weapons and vehicles. First minutes are so much important for whole battle. Without good inventory you may dead very soon! Gas is spreading! You’re ready to kill anyone you’ll find. But you can’t just stay in one place and wait for them! Toxic gas are being released on the map and each minute makes the game harder. The safe zone is getting smaller and smaller and your enemies are closer that you expect. Watch out, you may meet your opponent just around the next corner! Try to survive Survive - that’s your only target. You cannot trust anybody. Each of them could be your murderer. Stay careful. Kill them all. The winner could be only one. Kill or be killed. Master of the Kill You did it! You killed everybody. You are the last man alive on this map. You are the MASTER OF THE KILL! WANT TO KNOW MORE? Beautiful and user-friendly UI Map full of custom objects WANNA HAVE A TRY? HERE ARE SOME DETAILS Server details: Name: Master of the Kill | Hostname: (IP: Port: 22003 Found some bugs? Send me details on: Thank you!
  4. I don't know how I miss that Thank you!
  5. Hey guys, Is it possible to find out which script does a call to exported function? I'd like to check out in exported function from where the call arrived. Passing the name of resource as string argument to call is not a solution I'm looking for. I've not found an answer for my question at wiki.mtasa, so I guess it's not possible, but I've decided to do a last try and ask you. Thanks in advance.
  6. bmat

    Cod2mod for sale!

    Trying to be cool by posting some shiit? O_o If you would have some scripting knowledge you might know that every software will never be finished, just because there's always a thing you can improve. Cod2mod has many finished features, a few unfinished or finished, but some improvements were planned. I'm sure you weren't play cod2mod longer that 10 mins. And you don't have any knowledge and this post is showing that fact. So don't try to be cool, if you're not interested just shut up and don't mess in this topic. Some mature users would be interested in
  7. bmat

    Cod2mod for sale!

    Hello! You might know Call of Duty 2 Mod, my gamemode written in 2010. Currently I have not enough time to develop this. In this case I'd like to offer you Cod2mod gamemode with all of related and used scripts and a few unfinished features and scripts. Anybody interested? How much can I get by this? I know my price, but I won't tell you - I'd like to know what do you think, how much can you offer me.
  8. bmat

    Copyright infringement

    Ok, how do I report them and what can I do to add server to blacklist? He ignores me, no answer by any way. Lawyer is not a good idea, because: - probably he's under 18 - he's from another country and I don't even know what's his name - it costs money but result would not be that like I'd like to see I would, because I'm working on a new version, but it would be too hard to me to publish my code that I was working on.
  9. Hello. You may know me as creator of cod2mod gamemode. I'd like to describe you my problem and I hope you can help me find out solution. Short history First release of cod2mod was open source. I made this and uploaded to community resources page. It was in July 2010. After that started my server, where I made many updates. Each next releases weren't public, I closed sources of that resource. I was working on that gamemode only for my server. And only first version of cod2mod was still on community page. After some time I was working with one guy on another resource. I had a SVN repository where I also had a sources of cod2mod. This guy stolen them and uploaded to community page. Those scripts were deleted from community within a few hours after my report to MTA Team. There were about 10-20 downloads. Yes, my bad, I shouldn't allow him to access my files, but... Problem For now there's also another cod2mod server. The owner of this server is unknown. He uses my scripts without my permission. He just changed the forums and a few tiny details in the source code. He also downloaded all of maps available in the web. He changed the author of cod2mod-ship map from Mike (my brother) to somebody another! There's no admins on server, nobody takes care what's happening there. It's not for having fun from owning server, it's for spoiling the brand and fame of cod2mod. I have received the information that owner of this shit is Neovo from GCC community. He doesn't reply to my messages, he doesn't join the server, check out reports, he does nothing for that server. It looks like behaviour of 12 years old kid, who's trolling somebody and then stays hidden. What can I do? Could MTA Team help me with that problem? Can you ban this server or remove it from server list? And don't tell me that shit about freedom of server owners. Many server owners are kids, who know how to download or steal some resource and put it on server. Scripters are working hard on code, but their work is destroyed by people like him. What's more important for you: freedom of server owners or code authors' rights?
  10. I meant the hidden implementation inside of server software, but I forget that MTA is OpenSource and things like that would be cracked and used by other people. MTA needs more strictness. Verified server should be the only ones visible in internet. Other server would work only in local network or be visible maximum 6h or something like that. Serial isn't enough. Serial would be easily changed and you know how. Global accounts will help in case when more than 1 person uses the one PC. And other hand: people will have opportunity to play everywhere they are. When I developed Cod2Mod server, many appeals for unban started with "my brother/cousin/friend/grandpa played on my PC and get banned...". I saw the idea of global account in old versions of MTA, but as far as I know, this idea has been abandoned. We must protect creators of software as good as we can. Good scripters are the treasure of that multiplayer. If we won't protect their works, they finally leave. I think this would be something like "author-id" and "resource-id", and special hash of author-id should be related to hashed resouce-id. The resource keys should be in MTA database and server software should scan resources in order to find illegal software. You must play on "better part of MTA". Do you need examples? The most recent: I joined the server COD2MOD (this one, which uses my scripts without permission) and one guy keeped putting in chat "lol". Votekick didn't help, the rest of players have ignored my asks for pressing "1". Each time I killed this guy, he keeped insulting me. No admins on server, bad-behaved kids destroy my pleasure of game...
  11. ... ls&id=5549 Stolen scripts. DONE
  12. I'd like to share with you my deep analysis about MTA scene and its community. Who am I? I'm 22 years old programmer from Poland. I'm learning on Technical University (3rd year) and I'm working in small IT company as frontend/backend developer. I play MTA since 2009 and develop Lua scripts since 2010. My the most famous script is called "Call of Duty 2 Mod". I've made also many other scripts for other servers. Why do I write this? Because I'm worried about MTA. Although I have a paid work, girlfriend and stable life situation, I'm still member of MTA community. You may say: you have new life, you don't need that. Yes, that's true, but I can't leave this all, leave my plans for scripts, my unique ideas and... dreams. It's too hard for me. But unfortunately this would happen, I may leave MTA soon. Why? Firstly: Call of Duty 2 Mod is used without my permission. It never been OpenSource, first version was publicized for free usage, but not any of newer version. Secondly: recently I was making scripts for Race server. Person, who cooperated with me, has stolen all my scripts. He changed the author of scripts and say everywhere around that he made this all. When I broke the cooperation and I demanded removing those scripts, he started laughing at me and insulting me. I was saying about law results of that situation, but it didn't help. While ago he uploaded my resources: Call of Duty 2 Mod and City of Racers… Thirdly: more and more of my friends leaves the MTA. There are a few main reasons, why they leave: - they don't want to play on servers full of agressive players, who insult each other, do a spam, abuse votekick and think they can do everything, - they have been cheated by some other player, - other clans cheated on their clans, e.g. false match results, - they have been impersonated by somebody and this person did many wrong things, what results that my friends lost their good opinions in local community, - their scripts has been stolen, - their client-side scripts have been modified and used without permission, - their servers has been attacked, - their servers, which have own scripts have less players than servers having stolen scripts, -they can't develop their projects because of no money. We can't change behaviour of players. And you may say that players of other games are the same. Yes, that's partly true. For example: CS and COD2 players are much more agressive. In that case they would choose games, which are played by calm players. They can also leave games at all and find other things to do in their life. Short research of MTA scene: - average age of players decreases and for now MTA is full of 12-14 years old kids, - today kids are much more aggressive, have more freedom and their parents allow them for more; join the server where admins are offline and try to clean that mess, when noobs rules the server, - scripters are becoming worse and worse, they are also more and more lazy, they would like to steal instead of do something creative; this results in that people mostly playing always the same modified gamemodes, like race, stealth, basemode. There are innovative servers with own scripts, very good scripts, mainly RPG and RP, but it's not much, - many owners of servers allow noobs to do everything they want, some of them sell moderator accounts, what lets noobs to kick/ban normal players; everything out of control. Actors of that comedy: - players - they are most important in that comedy, their role determines the future, but I don't have anything to say about, - scripters - their laziness/no experience and skills/no willing to learn/ignorance, results in worse and worse quality of scripts, - server owners - they steal the scripts and allow noobs to do everything they want, - mta community on that forum - some of you are still here, because some of you don't try to make own server or weren't robbed. Yet. I have a respect to many of you, because you're good people. But until you won't waste months of work on scripts and get robbed, you won't understand what I mean. In my situation many people would give it up, really. You're correct people, to help clean that mess, - MTA Team - the director. Without them this comedy wouldn't exist. But for now without their intervention this production becomes a low-budget drama. Everything on correct place, but intelligent people don't want to watch that. I'm disappointed of global situation of MTA. I hope everything will come on correct way, but I’m losing that hope. MTA Team needs to take some actions to eliminate those behaviours. Otherwise good scripters and well players will go away. They have other games, more popular. They would play CS or COD, LoL, Minecraft... But they're still here because they love innovations, which MTA provides. But they won't play forever. Innovations are the things that keeps many people here, don't let noobs to destroy that beautiful game. If we lose valuable players and scripters, there will stay only destructive group of kids, whose fake servers, spam and stolen scripts will throw out the rest of good people. Apocalyptic vision? I don't think. Don't let to waste all your work, that you did on that awesome multiplayer! I know you don't want to be censor or control servers and players. But we need that! Nobody is anonymous in the internet, shouldn't be in MTA too. My ideas: 1. Servers having stolen scripts should be banned remotely. 2. Each server visible in internet should has serial number, something like cd-key. This doesn't have effect on local servers. 3. Any reported server should lose the serial and shouldn't work anymore. Without serial server shouldn't be visible outside of LAN network. 4. Players should have global accounts. Servers should have implementation of global authentication. 5. Client-side scripts should be protected against stealing. 6. Authors of scripts should get a tool allow them to digitally sign their works. Something like patent, with unique identifier given by MTA Team for each script. MTA server software would scan resources in order to find and report each violation of copyrights. This is the end of this comedy. Thank you for watching. Some of you wipe the tears and know that good comedy may become a drama. I'm not leaving MTA yet. I will try to stand up and continue my membership in that community. But some of my friends already left, because of similar situations that I described above. My time from last 2 years has been wasted in one day. My scripts has been stolen and nobody will reverse the time. But it doesn't matter, I'm not thinking about myself, I'd like to help MTA, I'd like to help clean that mess.
  13. So there aren't any solutions? Only the distance between player and server makes the affect?
  14. Hello! Is there any solution how to fix the players' lags? On my server there are many players from South America and they lag. I watched their FPSs but they were normal. Their pings are about 300ms, it's not many I guess. What's the reason in this case? Low speed of internet connection? The solution is really needed.
  15. There aren't any tutorials, I meant lessons like in school. The scripting academy has already started, our student learn scripting on Skype, we help them, explain difficult things, fix their bugs, prepare excercises for them and teach! It's just help! It's something more than a few copied links and a few general sentences. Real person is better than each tutorial (except people who don't want to help, who just want to begin the quarrels)
  16. I don't get why you must make spam everywhere. It's not your business. Don't comment if you haven't got anything interesting or related to this topic. You just post and post all the time for get more post and more and more. It's not the place where you can beat the records. It's place where you can help other people. You don't want - so go out. Bez komentarza... Jak typowy polak-nieudacznik, który sam do niczego nie doszedł, a jedyny trud, który podjął ma na celu zniszczenie wysiłku innych...
  17. List of signed up: - M4_Sherman - iKnight - Nik Delgad - AH.1990 - Jake Oliver - LucasMorais (?) - tr.power - Jaysds1 - Alex (?) - proracer - Turismo Teachers: - bmat - Bios - laserlaser
  18. Don't know LUA? Can't scripting? Do you want to learn? Are you ready for it? We can teach you FOR FREE! We need people who want to learn scripting in LUA programming language. If you know nothing about scripting, but you want to learn, you're a good person! We can help you to grow up as scripter. What we want for this? Just work with us and earn money with us! What we can offer you? - teaching basics and advanced techniques of LUA scripting - possibility to work with us for money (in not far future) What we want for this help? - gratitude for our help - loyalty - working with us minimum a half of year Learning plan: - basic lessons (2 hours) - advanced lessons (8 hours) - additional lessons (if needed) We'll start lessons, when we get 10-people group. Signed up: 2
  19. Call of duty 5 - it's that server?
  20. You're too late, you won't be the first, because already there is world war themed server based on cod2mod, which rulez in MTA
  21. There are new files in that listing, added to cod2mod on last update. I bet he has found client-side script of cod2mod, but he hasn't got server-side! He's just stealer, watch at this: <info author="Matias" type="gamemode" name="Cod2Mod" version="1.0.0" /> @Solidsnaker14, only first release of cod2mod is public.
  22. I haven't seen this topic earlier, so I saw only now you were using my cod2mod's FPS camera. I didn't know it, but anyway good luck! BTW: Minecraft mission: level hard: build the castle using these packs
  23. Nice to see you here bro! Great map and moving scripts!
  24. I've got an offer for everybody who has got own servers. I'm the creator of cod2mod. We've got about 25000 unique players for month. I offer advertisment on our server (image on screen) or moderator status for you and two your friends. But remember: I want to cooperate for long time, because I want get server which will work constantly (don't answer if you want to cooperate only for 1-2 months).
  25. bmat

    Compiling LUA

    Ok, thanks, I just asked.