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  1. Take a look and like our fanpage to stay in touch with server updates and recent news: https://www.facebook.com/masterofthekill/
  2. Thank you, please give me some feedback as soon as you give it a try
  3. Master of the Kill is the MTA:SA based shooter gamemode in which players compete in large-scale PvP clash. The last man standing is the Master of the Kill. You must fight for life and death. Try to survive. Everyone is your enemy. Kill or be killed. GAMEPLAY Lobby While joining the game you start your adventure in lobby. This is the place, where you wait for start of the round. Two players are required to start the battle. During the waiting you can discover the lobby location, drive the vehicles and train your shooting skills (last one - coming
  4. I don't know how I miss that Thank you!
  5. Hey guys, Is it possible to find out which script does a call to exported function? I'd like to check out in exported function from where the call arrived. Passing the name of resource as string argument to call is not a solution I'm looking for. I've not found an answer for my question at wiki.mtasa, so I guess it's not possible, but I've decided to do a last try and ask you. Thanks in advance.
  6. bmat

    Cod2mod for sale!

    Trying to be cool by posting some shiit? O_o If you would have some scripting knowledge you might know that every software will never be finished, just because there's always a thing you can improve. Cod2mod has many finished features, a few unfinished or finished, but some improvements were planned. I'm sure you weren't play cod2mod longer that 10 mins. And you don't have any knowledge and this post is showing that fact. So don't try to be cool, if you're not interested just shut up and don't mess in this topic. Some mature users would be interested in
  7. bmat

    Cod2mod for sale!

    Hello! You might know Call of Duty 2 Mod, my gamemode written in 2010. Currently I have not enough time to develop this. In this case I'd like to offer you Cod2mod gamemode with all of related and used scripts and a few unfinished features and scripts. Anybody interested? How much can I get by this? I know my price, but I won't tell you - I'd like to know what do you think, how much can you offer me.
  8. Ok, how do I report them and what can I do to add server to blacklist? He ignores me, no answer by any way. Lawyer is not a good idea, because: - probably he's under 18 - he's from another country and I don't even know what's his name - it costs money but result would not be that like I'd like to see I would, because I'm working on a new version, but it would be too hard to me to publish my code that I was working on.
  9. Hello. You may know me as creator of cod2mod gamemode. I'd like to describe you my problem and I hope you can help me find out solution. Short history First release of cod2mod was open source. I made this and uploaded to community resources page. It was in July 2010. After that started my server, where I made many updates. Each next releases weren't public, I closed sources of that resource. I was working on that gamemode only for my server. And only first version of cod2mod was still on community page. After some time I was working with one guy on another resource. I had a SVN repository w
  10. I meant the hidden implementation inside of server software, but I forget that MTA is OpenSource and things like that would be cracked and used by other people. MTA needs more strictness. Verified server should be the only ones visible in internet. Other server would work only in local network or be visible maximum 6h or something like that. Serial isn't enough. Serial would be easily changed and you know how. Global accounts will help in case when more than 1 person uses the one PC. And other hand: people will have opportunity to play everywhere they are. When I developed Cod2Mod server
  11. http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=5549 Stolen scripts. DONE
  12. I'd like to share with you my deep analysis about MTA scene and its community. Who am I? I'm 22 years old programmer from Poland. I'm learning on Technical University (3rd year) and I'm working in small IT company as frontend/backend developer. I play MTA since 2009 and develop Lua scripts since 2010. My the most famous script is called "Call of Duty 2 Mod". I've made also many other scripts for other servers. Why do I write this? Because I'm worried about MTA. Although I have a paid work, girlfriend and stable life situation, I'm still member of MTA community. You may say: you have new life
  13. So there aren't any solutions? Only the distance between player and server makes the affect?
  14. Hello! Is there any solution how to fix the players' lags? On my server there are many players from South America and they lag. I watched their FPSs but they were normal. Their pings are about 300ms, it's not many I guess. What's the reason in this case? Low speed of internet connection? The solution is really needed.
  15. There aren't any tutorials, I meant lessons like in school. The scripting academy has already started, our student learn scripting on Skype, we help them, explain difficult things, fix their bugs, prepare excercises for them and teach! It's just help! It's something more than a few copied links and a few general sentences. Real person is better than each tutorial (except people who don't want to help, who just want to begin the quarrels)
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