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    "GTA files are edited"

    Hello, I reinstalled the game in a new folder, and it worked, and i understood that the SERVER has mods. Thank you
  2. Hello, When i tried to play on a server [i tried different, like "[bOSS]Resident Evil" wich looks good], with gta3.img edited yeah. When i tried to log-in on a server, it says that my game files are edited, or idk what.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSoFILgW ... re=related I'll reinstall the game asap, but i wanna know why i'm unable to play with edited files and he isn't [the player on the video] ? <.< Cleo mod, or the server? Thanks in advance.
  3. Just watch the screen.. Please help :[
  4. I can search about what ? Map Editor ? Sorry i am french, and i repeat..
  5. Say "edit your post" dont help me. I am unpatient, so ? And.. Editor ressources ? WHERE ?
  6. Thx but I click on Map Editor: Starting Local Server.. There is nothing after that.. Edit: Is work, but.. How add items?
  7. Hello, Sorry i am french, and i dont translate. K, i dl last version, i start.. K. I press "Map Editor". Nothing (i need Map Editor) K i try to play on a server I select a server, "Connect".. Error ! "No such mod installed (deathmatch)." Please help me
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