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  1. Simple... In SP I went too fast and the train flew off track Same thing happens in MTA, I suppose And trains DO blow up! Only when they slide and flew off track, then they blow "BOOM" lol seriously it happened to me in single player
  2. updated site, recruiting for more members Clan Site
  3. Well duh tanks can fire And if the whole SA map is open for DM, then it's gona take a long time to make the map DM in liberty city is gona be cool
  4. I saw videos that shows the player on foot (With no health money or whatever) and doing stuff, and on planes flying with no health money xxx How do you do that? Can you to action replay in a plane and on foot or somethin? Or did they edited their video( if so, with what?)
  5. I know how to record a video, but I just need to know some free or good video editors And what's the replay button for SA?
  6. How do you get rid of the health money and weapon, map stuff on the screen? And does anyone know a good video editing device that is free? thx
  7. Just to say, our clan is now expanding into SA as well, so we're playing both SA and VC (If you haven't knew yet) We'd be happy to hear from u! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  8. If in deathmatch everyone is going to be, like everywhere around San Andreas, it's gona take hell alot of time just to find someone (without planes, that is!). So I wonder if they could like make a boarder or something around cities or places? Or leave it on the whole map?
  9. Help please I can not do anything with my MTA!!! IT goes into SA screen, then the menu comes up, and if I go and join a race, it says "Can not load race mod!" and if I go to Map Editor, it says "Can not load Map Editor Mod!" what can I do?
  10. Yeah, well just hope they can release it sooner..... Personally, I think they forgot about the people WITHOUT san andreas
  11. When is the new version for MTA:VC gona come out? It's like they focused on SA forever now. There are still probs in MTA 0.5, and we do need new versions....
  12. Sigh the only prob I got is the port fowarding part
  13. When the error comes it says "I may do this manually". Like how? Maybe if I just replace the weapon.dat with weapon.mta could work? And, when I quit the client, it says "Unable to replace weapon.dat with weapon.original, since the oringal(backup) does not exist".
  14. I looked in the FAQ but I can't find this problem... My prob is like this: First I connect, nothing wrong, then I click Start Game, it says "Unable to move weapon.dat to weapon.original". I clicked continue, then it says "Unable to copy weapon.mta to weapon.dat". I clicked continue again, then it says "You have a modified version of MTAClient, please reinstall". Yes, yes, I did reinstall MTA, and VC, but it's still like that. I can play before but not anymore... Help plz.
  15. I can't start game, wether change server, un-install, whatever, it won't start game. It either says "Unhandled expection at: blah blah blah" or just says "You have a modifed MTA Client". And it says couldn't copy Weapon file blah blah and I'm just sooooooo confused of it Anyone know what's happening? If you can't help I'll just wish a new version of MTA VC client comes soon (Like, WHEN!?)
  16. I just made a new site at the same URL: http://mta-dma.freehostia.com And we have a forum as well you can go to our site and click the link to our forum or you can go to http://www.hostingphpbb.com/forum/kfgus3 And we'll post news games or ideas up there and if your interested please reply thank u!
  17. If you close ur anti-virus i think the viruses are gona get u soon since ur playing ONLINE...
  18. Now my MTA sometimes works and sometimes not. But now, it doesn't work AT ALL. I click start game, the screen goes black, and then i poped out to windows screen. And then i tred to play VC single player, but it does the same thing as the mta, i double click the icon, the screen goes black for a while, then pop back out!! What is wrong with them!?!?
  19. Do you mean that i have to play for a few minutes everytime when i re-install the MTA? and what is the kaspersky ati hacker thingo? and i am using VC1.1 with the MTA client setted to 1.1.
  20. I can play MTA normally before but i haven't played for a while Now when i click "start game" an error window just came out saying "0x4620706C" I re-installed and re-installed and re-installed and re-installed but it still WONT WORK!! someone help plz EDIT: Now i can start the game but just when the pink loading bar reaches the end i poped out and the client says "Disconnected: Suspected trainer usage. (Delay = 10 sec)" with the error reporter tool out.
  21. As long as you can play, you'll live with it.
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