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  1. You should really make it more easy to join a game. (autostart game when joining a server)
  2. BioDroid

    New talk

    Clans in other games are using a thirdparts voice chat software.
  3. BioDroid

    New talk

    I dont like the voice chat idea, we have other programs for that (teamspeak, ventrilo etc) This is a multiplayer mod for gta3, not voicechatting program.
  4. Useless discussion, after all, we agree to the fact its the same basic engine but with tweaks that makes them a slight different. Thats why i like to define the engine of VC as 99.8% the same engine as GTA3.
  5. And why does VC run smoother on my computer thatn gta3? Anyway, it is not the exact same engine, its maby 99.8% the same
  6. http://www.take2games.com/support/patches/GTA3patch1.1.zip Info: http://www.take2games.com/index.php?p=support_patches
  7. Somethimes, an actor follows me, and do the exact same thing on the exact same patch, with like 30sec delay. This is not another player, i know that.
  8. The handling.cfg should be serverside, to prevent cheating.
  9. It is not the same engine, its modified and improved a bit from the orginal.
  10. Unfair, i was there yesterday, but i had to go to bed, now i cant join the channel. I gave personal details to blokker...
  11. Cant someone add a working mirror, cant download from that server.
  12. If that were my computer, i would have killed them. (at least attemted to) One thing is tho throw the cheater out of the lan, another is to trash a persons holy computer.
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