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  1. i tried both, "/fpslimit 45" in the chat and "fpslimit 45" in the console and nothing happens
  2. hm, sorry for being such a noob but i pressed F8, the console opened and i typed "/fpslimit 45" (no quotes) and nothing happened, my FPS stayed around 47 and the bug was still there am i doing something wrong?
  3. i tried to type /fpslimit 45 in the chat, but it didn't do anything from what i remember there is a console somewhere, do i need to type this command in there and how do i access the console?
  4. ok, thanks, that's what i wanted to know is there a list of such commands anywhere on this site?
  5. then i can't do anything to fix this bug? are you sure it has something to do with FPS? i don't see what the connection is
  6. are you sure? as far as i can see that's a file with server settings and none of the settings is FPS. and i'm only running a client, not a server
  7. Hi everybody, i have been gone from mta:sa for over a year and remembered it today after a long time but i seem to have a problem, i can only move around while shooting if i crouch. If i'm standing up i can only stand in one place while shooting which as you can imagine is not a very good idea in mta has anybody ever seen this kind of problem? how could i fix it? i have windows vista if that's important
  8. does anybody know what happened to the ITA PLZ server? it was the best server of all with grat gamemodes and a lot of people, but it just disappeared yestrerday now there are only crappy servers left, nothing to do in MTA not a single one has assault, i can't believe how the server admins can tolerate this and only offer boring RPG and freeroam
  9. the last couple of days there are lots of people in some italian server and it almost always plays assult it's great, i hope it lasts
  10. i agree, i don't understand why there are so few (and by few i mean NONE) servers with the Assault game mode, that game mode is the best part of MTA because it is clear to everyone what he has to do, shooting of team mates is disabled and you actually go around killing the other team with a purpose. if i compare that to other game modes freeroam is kind of nice, but you can't do much else than create cars and drive around in them, maybe make a little race or something, but it's boring in the long run. Classic Deathmatch: sounds like fun, but it definatly IS NOT FUN if there are 10 players in
  11. which MTA:SA map do you think is the best of all? i think the best of all is Wankenstein DD because it's not just regular pushing, you also need some skill and strategy, you have to look around for others and anticipate what they are going to do. also this is the only map with so many servers dedicated to playing versions of it 24/7, but i think that none of its modifications is as good as the original
  12. Georgije


    ok, you're right, the only vital thing there is video about the battery: i changed it once on my very first phone, but with the others it stayed ok. however with the nokia n95 i will probably buy a bigger battery as soon as it comes out. from what i have heard the default one only lasts for a day if you use the fancy functions a lot. what do you mean the iPhone has no bandwidth charges for data? that is not possible except if the provider has a special offer exclusively for the iphone.
  13. Georgije


    i will buy a nokia n95 sometime soon. even if iPhones were available here i'd still choose the nokia. and if what lil toady said is true i am simply amazed: no mp3s for ringtones? no games? can't record video? can't replace battery? lol, that's terrible, even my over 2 year old nokia 6630 can do all that it has no keys, touchscreen is nice, but using it all the time must be annoying. also it doesn't have any 3G capabilities. dunno how that is in america, but here in europe even some cheaper phones have 3G. the only thing in the iphones favour is its fancy GUI, otherwise it's just anot
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