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  1. Civilians will be unsynced anyway, and whats the point of doing that, 64 people on one server is less lag than civilians and their boring anyway :-\. A deathmatch will be out in R2 (hopefully), but for now we'll race in mayhem w00t! Can't wait .
  2. Other multiplayer mods for SA until MTA:SA comes out? Cuz I'm bored of single player until Rockstar puts in the true version. And also, when it does come out, I'll grab the exe for myself and if the servers get packed, I'll up a torrent for you guys to use, make sure to seed when you do .
  3. But in reality, I think January 20th seems sufficient! .
  4. i learned in 10 minutes, and got a good looking website with a lot of effot
  5. Move yer servers to japan, A LOT more bandwiht there . Since you say its so good, i'll watch the videos w00t.
  6. We don't need it.... it sounds crappier than teamspeak and eats up more bandwith than ever.... so they just left it out. I wouldn't recommend it either because noobs are gonna fuggin scream and whatnot when they loose o_O.
  7. Yah they do, and if they don't, I'LL MAKE IT OR HELL WILL FREEZE OVER!
  8. MuffinKing

    sa jokes...

    Why don't you wanna turn off your firewall? The odds of getting hack while its off is like an asteroid hitting earth... *asteroids heads for earth* oh shit..
  9. Thats one reason why I learned HTML, and got a hosting from a friend, cuz freewebs sux nonetheless.
  10. When hell freezes over is when MTA:SA will come up .
  11. Tap CTRL ALT DEL and remove as much prgorams as yuo can except explorer and tskmgr , then run mta again! then it should work
  12. Torrents can be used, I don't see anything wrong with it... hell, I think their faster than HTTP mirrors .
  13. I'm a type of simulator person, so I'm going with "The Sims", love comtrolling a person's life, AND PUTTIN EM ON FIAR YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!
  14. Anyone know what program is best for 3D modeling so I can "pirate" w00t. And if you know how to model, please tell me what program you use and teach me! I wanna make my own 3D models, like PacMan3D, or just something random . I only know so little on Zmodeler, and I wannak now how to make textures or w/e. Thank0rz!
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