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  1. i just played this server and all i can say is wow . you gotta love having that handy console to change everything in just a few clicks.
  2. i think topic is wrapped up already
  3. blitz1008

    Conquest mode

    wow this is actually a good idea. normally all i see are stupid suggestions here.
  4. blitz1008

    Manhunt :)

    i just dont want the best player always being the HM, sometimes other players wanna try it. i think it should be random.
  5. thats a good find. ill try that now.
  6. blitz1008

    Manhunt :)

    well if your in the middle of the desert i think a radar would be handy, but in custom maps that are in the middle of the ocean i think a radar should be kept off
  7. thanks for that awesome tip sherlock
  8. actually i use an adapter that lets me put 2 ps2 pads into 1 usb port. i use a program joytokey (google it) that lets me map the controllers to do anything from mouse movement to typing sentences with one button press. great for emulators, but i also use it for san andreas because SAAC doesn't work to good for me.
  9. just go to a server with anti cheat and you'll be fine
  10. it more of the servers choice to enable anti-cheat. either the admin wants people to "have fun" by playing with modified handling files, or they never turned their anticheat on.
  11. I don't think it does it badly at all, I would prefer it to the menu system. Their idea was good, however CJ has to exit the fitting room every time you change an item of clothing. This animation lasts about 5 seconds and cannot be skipped. You can't tell me you enjoy watching it over and over again? no but I still prefer it to a menu system but why? i don't get whyd you'd like a dragged out tedious system over a quick change.
  12. what about race editor. that was something completely different. mistos idea is great (except for a way to preview your clothes) and i think shopping should be left out. it would be better to have the clothing changed in a simple menu instead of an unnessasarily long trip to 4 stores to see if one outfit looks nice.
  13. gah don't remind me of the doors in RE. i just started playing the original one again last week and ever since i read your post i started noticing the damn door sequence