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  1. yep. Did u here them? No ftp rights cause you may steal. All u get is to be an admin. No payment. Gay...
  2. I think some gta files got deleted. I mean the coordinates inside the ammo shops. THis is where they walk to buy weapons. Like in an rp.
  3. I can not get the coordinates on the server because something wrong with my gta. Can some lone get me coordinates of the marker inside LS LV and the other ammo stores?
  4. My clan is LolClanners. We play on many servers like Mini-Missions, and others. We are a good clan. We have big ideas for a server thats Roleplay. It is really good. We have scripts already. We already have taxi stuff and everything. It would be nice to have a server for it. We have about 25 gang members. I go by PrinceOfHell. Msn:dcr_hawk@hotmail.com.
  5. I never put images in a meta file. How do I do it? <script src="Blip.lua" type="server" /> What do I do for image?
  6. mtasa.com=$17337.5 USD multitheftauto.com=$9176.1 USD mtavc.com=$4788.8 USD TOTAL=31302.4 USD
  7. Hello all. I would like to make skins for a server but I have no idea where to start. If you could tell me, I would be grateful. I dont want you to help me make skins, I just want to know what tools i need, and maybe a link to a tut. Thanks.
  8. The Eyes Of Multi-Theft-Auto I have recently created a program using the game-monitor standings, to show the best servers in: -Race -Freeroam -Zombie -Deathmatch To show these standings, I have created a website. The website includes: -Server standings -Scripting section (just for newbies) -A gallery If you think something is wrong in the standings, tell me. I will update frequently. Visit Now At http://PrinceOfHell.net16.net
  9. Hellok, just wondering what is the matirx server forum?
  10. K, I'm in. Contact me via private message. Half before, half after.
  11. Hello all. I am one of those people who likes power. I would like to be programmer for any server that has more than at least 5 players on at a given time. I am a good scripter, maybe not as good as 50p but im am atleastin the top 20 I do not, and have never stolen a script. The server must have: -Forum -Easy contact -FTP access
  13. I cant download the game because my computer crashed and I dont have administrator powers. I cannot run the downloading program because it says "Installer needs administrator access" Can I just get the files seperately and it'll work?
  14. What is the best song in the world? Tik Tok? No Tik Tok is a peice of shit. How about a parody of it?
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