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  1. any more before i finish the list
  2. good ideas keep them coming please any good ideas
  3. i really dont want any real supid ideas that we know rockstar would never do but thanx for the ideas keep them coming......
  4. i want peoples ideas for the next gta game so i can make a list and send it in to rockstar and posably they will pick atleast 1 or 2 of our ideas. and if anyone wants to send a copy of the list to help. The more people send in the list the more of a chance rockstar will put them in. so just post your ideas Here and after i get everything i will put the list here for people who wants the list to send in. Any help is apritiated! sorry for the spelling
  5. i have started my own clan but i dont now how to get the mirc admin program to work it disconnects all the time please help
  6. for GTA SA second edition or a patch to turn it in to v1 please
  7. i had it installed before but my bro deleted it by mistake and when i went to install it again completely it said incorect audio/streems DS please help
  8. how do u open the models for gta in 3d studio max 7? cause i have gta3 and SA and i want to edit the skelaton in the people.
  9. thanks is it easyer to open models for san andreas
  10. ok i want to know know how to open gta 3 models with 3ds max 7
  11. ..mod the weapons. and with the weapon stat editor how do i put my created weapons into the game for me to use. Guides would help.
  12. i know i need to login to post
  13. i know but it wont let me because it wont send me my email it says to look for. unless there is a username and password i can use. i want to learn how to mod but all the gides i find are at gta forums. i just want a guide on how to add animals. or how to make the skelatons.
  14. any really please i dont care
  15. i was wanting guides to gta. but i dont want to join gtaforum cause i never get my email. So i was wanting some guides on how to mod.
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