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  1. What a shame that yet another xmas comes and goes and there isnt a release or any decent news charting this exciting but long winded project.I honestly thought something good and interesting might of happened this year but once again we get nothing.Merry Xmas guys !!!!!
  2. Its strange how this code is now open source, only 1 week before gta 4 for pc is released. Basically you know you cant get this version of MTA right, and your loyal followers who stick up for you will not accept that you need help. As from November 3rd 2008, this coding will become redunant, due the gta 4 for the pc relase. You know this, that is why u have taken this step. I can NOT take away though that i love MTA and the people and i love MTA 0.5 for vice city. I am very saddened by the fact that you never got mta san andreas fully up and running.
  3. You know something BrophY , that was my opinion. And all you could do with your mild un-educated mind was tell me to STFU, you ignorant little piss of monkeyjuice. Ban me, i dont care, people like me keep your worthless forum alive. Basically im saying that when GTA4 will be played alot more than MTA SA, due to the multiplay offerings. I wont be comming back online anywayz, GTA4 is out in 4 weeksw, this forum will die pretty qik then. Cya........
  4. I cant wait for the full MTA SA to come out with full gamepad support and online browser.But as i stated a very long time ago, by the time it comes out, GTA4 will be released. Sure people slag off SA-MP, and also MTA but its just a real shame that these 2 hroups couldnt get together and make a great mod.Instead of comparing who was the best mod, just get together and we would of all benefitted.I will be buying GTA 4 for the pc in 4 weeks time, then as far as im concerned SA is history.
  5. Ok, thanks for the help.Lets hope they get the gamepad support working soon.
  6. Hi, im wondering why other people are using gamepads with MTA SA but i cant get mine to work. It works with all other games, and the single player version of SA. Its only MTA SA that i cant get it to work with. If anyone can help me, then thankyou.
  7. Hello people, thought id pop on and just say a couple of things. I have, on a small number of occasions made posts about this mod actually probably never coming out.Im sure the MTA team are working hard and i DO know that if this mod ever comes out then it will be a very good job, as they did a great job with the other GTA's. But i think people are that excited they are just getting frustrated now, its just that simple. Im dying to play this mod and its been going on in development for what seems a very long time now. I just hope it comes out soon and i hope the fans can wait.I personally still the Vice MTA, i love it, even still. But please,please,please release something soon. Thanks for reading this and take care guys
  8. KillerDog


    Well that is my opinion, and i am entitled to it.Please be aware MR Reptile that your talking to a professional games maker, thats right, i make(help, contribute) towards games for the playstation series of consoles, so i know all too well about bug fixing and dead lines. I have actually said already that the MTA have done great things especially with GTA3 and mainly Vice.Its just that, and lets be honest here, by the time they get MTA:San Andreas out, then the next installment of the GTA series will be upon us and we will all be playing that most probably.You can only promise so much to so many people, after a while people will get fed up and will look elsewhere. I do play SA-MP and the 0.21 version is pretty good, its not perfect but guess what, "At least we can all actually play that", we cant play DM-MTA-SA, can we. So instead of pulling a 36 year old programmer and beta tester up on his post, why dont you wise up and start doing something more constructive with your life. Oh, and as for the lagginess of SA-MP you mention, i dont get lag at all, whether i use my friends 4 meg cable line or my very own 20 meg cable connection, it plays amazing on my dual core pc.Maybe its time you stopped blaming the SA-MP mod and get yourself a decent pc.If you want, i can recommend what parts to obtain.See, im a perfect forum member, im actually trying to help your negative little self, god im good
  9. KillerDog


    I know the MTA team have lives, and i know they have other commitments. The MTA team has achieved an aweful lot with gta3 and vice. But i have to say, im just sick of waiting for this amazing new version.They should of concentrated on freeroam or deathmatch and not that stupid race mod.By the time the MTA team get out this version for SA, will will probably all be playing something else, and lets face it, SA-MP is pretty bloody good.The MTA team has just taken too long and as such people are looking at other games and other mods like SA-MP. Alot of people like myself have just lost hope now, too be honest i have waited for ages but there isnt any sign of a deathmatch version for SA, and even if they do bring one out, chances are SA-MP will have brought out the 4th revision by then and it will only play better. Shame really, i was genuinely expecting better things of the MTA team, sorry team.
  10. Erock, i rmember people saying that gta of any kind couldnt come out on a mobile phone, now i have been play gta 1 and gta2 on my mobile for over a year, so dont tell me that it cant come out on ps2, becauase i know that if Rockstar wanted too they can make it happen. Im pretty certain that the MTA will actually produce a much better deathmatch mode, and last but not least, GTA is out this November, xmas at the latest
  11. hey Brophy, no need to get all defensive dude, im on your side.Im just replying to the reply , and this info came from one of the game designers, so i know its real.Time will prove what ive written here is true.And i happen to think the mta team will produce something that we all want, rather than the gta 4 team producing a 16 or 32 multiplayer kill-fest.
  12. Its defo a ps3,xbox360 and pc game, im told by a reliable source that they are hopefully going to get a ps2 version sorted.And even though i love the MTA team, i think deathmatch will probably be smoother and better sync when programmed by rockstar
  13. As we all know the GTA team are working wonders and they really have done us proud over the years.I for one cant wait for the new multiplayer experience in SA.But if the team dont produce some soon( within 6 months) then im afraid alot of people might just lose interest, due to the new GTA 4 thats coming out that has FULL multiplayer. Here is whats coming to PC,PS2,PS3 and XB360 in the next 6 months : New details for Grand Theft Auto IV have spilled their way onto the Internet, expanding on what we can expect when the game launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this October. The game will be as significantly different as GTA III was to the previous top-down crime capers, Rockstar founder Dan Houser told Game Informer, and will offer much wider choice and freedom to the player. Advertisement As we already know from the trailer, GTA IV will take place in Liberty City (New York) in 2007, and will revolve around an Eastern European fellow. This chap, the main character, is Niko Bellic - an immigrant in search of the "American Dream". His cousin Roman persuaded him to make the move by boasting a life of luxury, but it eventually turns out he was using this as a cover to hide his own failures. He'll be your only contact until you can find your feet, and ultimately carve out your own destiny. One of the biggest differences in the new game will be the way you interact with other people. In previous iterations you've been at the beck and call of others, picking up your phone to receive orders. But this time around you'll be able to dial out, calling people to arrange rendezvouses and correlate your own plans. There will still be an element of following someone else's game plan, but the freedom of choice is something Rockstar is proudly standing by. In GTA IV, four of the five boroughs of New York have been recreated for you to explore, as well as parts of New Jersey. Broker is the equivalent of Brooklyn, Manhattan is now Algonquin, Queens becomes Dukes, the Bronx is Brohan, and New Jersey transforms into Alderney. While that doesn't give the fourth game the largest geographical playing field in the series, the level of detail and freedom should apparently more than make up for it. We've already seen the impressive lighting effects, sumptuous skyline, and next-gen sheen from the trailer. What is less evident is the vastly enhanced AI, where NPCs will walk and talk much more convincingly, going about their daily routines around you. And apparently the game will only look better as we get closer to launch. As with other games you can expect voice acting and an impressive array of radio stations to choose from while you're joyriding in Liberty City. However, it's unlikely we'll see Hollywood actors in the lead roles in this game, as Rockstar is making an effort to choose less well-known talent, both for voices and for the track listing. Multiplayer is also going to be included this time around, but it isn't going to be an MMORPG. It's going to be something separate to the single-player experience that will be fun, interesting, and progressive. Lets hope the MTA team work fast and hard to get us what we have all been waiting for.
  14. We have all done it. Was he smart for making us believe he was being sarcastic or was he stoopid for actually forgetting to refresh, you decide.
  15. By the time this comes out, alot of people would of lost interest.Every day i come to this site and i read.Too be really honest, its a little of too little too late.I think the people on this forum are awesome but patient is wearing thin. I mod a few sites and i have alot to do with game making.You have all done a good job but its getting too much of a waiting game.Duke Nukem Forever will prob be out before this, and thats taken 10 years so far to make,lol. Nice one guys.