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    I want to create a path for a bus script. When a player enters a bus/coach, he is asked to get a random path. like path1=marker1,x,y,z or any other type A path willl contain upto 15 markers How to do that. I want to create 6 paths. Can anyone give me a model of one path? please this is important. And how to end the path. Please ehlp me.
  2. How to make that whithout command and transform on beginning.
  3. i used it into first in Freeroam but didn't work so I used in play resource 2nd Both didn't work? What could have had happened?
  4. This resource http://forum.multitheftauto.com/downloa ... php?id=183 Which is TRANSFORMERS. How to use other cars? Like Roadtrain-Optimus Bullet-Bumblebee Yosemite-IronHide etc Hydras-Starscreem and engineImportDFF,TXD,And coll changed Mustang-Barricade etc Can we use bikes too? like Arcee?
  5. I added this to Play resource and tested it didn't work what to do? function elements ( name ) -- create an object at a specified position with a specified rotation lift = createObject ( 2951, 1195.3864746094, -1779.8454589844, 12.482206344604, 89.775024414063, 0, 270.22497558594 ) triggermarker = createMarker ( 1194.0065917969, -1780.0831298828, 12.503089904785, "corona", 1, 255,255,255,0 ) rtriggermarker = createmarker ( 1194.0065917969, -1780.0831298828, 33.611827850342, "corona", 1, 0, 0, 0, 0 ) rmarker = createMarker ( 1197.3414306641, -1778.1151123047, 33.611827850342, "corona"
  6. Michael_Tuner


    How to sync traffic lights in MTA like valhalla?
  7. No, only scripts that have been downloaded from the server will be executed and if you try to edit an existing Script it will be redownloaded. Bummer!
  8. Michael_Tuner


    *Can clients crash MTA server? *If we can manage to create a script like a car spawner in Mods->Resources->Any servers resources, Can we use it? *How to define a Hitting player and Hit victim in Scripting? *Can scripts be used in maps? Please answer these
  9. *Truck arrived. *Weapon system:- check *collissio.... What sir? Stats system? sorry sir no stats system.
  10. Michael_Tuner


    Can we use scripts with maps? Like can we make a door which opens when a player is near it to a stealth or race gamemode?
  11. Michael_Tuner


    Hpw to make a ped target another and shoot then kill?
  12. I feel sorry about your brother. Have you learned lua? You can ask doubts here. And ask for help other things.
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