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  1. MTA Vice City was awesome years ago, could you still play this online? How is the developement right now, because SA-MP is kinda dead right now and MTA:VC was more fun than GTA:SA. Does MTA:VC team gonna release new updates in the future to MTAVC?
  2. Where do you download the latest version? And how many servers are available?
  3. MTA vice city was something awesome years ago, I do wonder do you guys still play the game? I think Vice City was more fun than what GTA San andreas and GTA V is, so is there people still playing this out there?
  4. E-PENIS Size (==========================================================================================================================) Sigh.. Games on Linux sucks hard, Windows is the way to go in case you want Quality for your games or media. Linux is a good place for browsing / writing / coding it's not that good for media applications, at least I don't think it is after trying a few distros.
  5. Let's hope there will be a stable release soon tho.
  6. MrJax: And some of them are picked because they are constantly at IRC, right? You don't have to lie to me I know it's that way. But just because someone is constantly at IRC doesn't mean that he/she have more of the knowledge or skills than any other GTA Fanboy, there is plenty of GTA Fanboys around here that are waiting respectfully for this mod to come out, I'm one of them I just said that you guys must be having a big bit of fun delaying the time and I admitted the hard work that's the far as I agreed to Impervium's post Since he said some other things that wasn't nessesary needed. Like h
  7. Others what?? Said what? Since when did I say you don't work? Why didn't you read my post correctly? Even a retard could understand what I said, you're Addressing your post to me when I said that I could understand that you're working hard. So what does your post have to with mine? This is a forum, lets keep the professionality on a high level and honesty is a step into professionality, whenever you give something free to a human most people would want it, right? If I have a Cell Phone and say who wants it, everyone in the room would want it (else they are morons) then when someone take
  8. I never said they don't work hard, they probably do work very hard and for free (like I wrote before) all I said was that I agree with Impervium about the beta-testers having more fun since they already have it.
  9. No it is not the same, it's called AS* he said and this wasn't even a typo from you You only capitalize the first word in a sentence, a country however would be capitalized this wasn't a country it was a language. And what I can tell from this quote you over-punctuated so you actually owned yourself there bitch. You are right however about the word egoistic I did a typo there I admit, at least you wont admit anywhere in your post that you made a typo instead you say that you used the right word in a sentence where the word was wrongfully used. I did use a perfect punctuation, tell me whe
  10. Wow he is? Really? I'd say that's no shit.. You could tell by 1000 meters far away who is in the team and who is not, in his poor post where the guy is telling us to wait and have patience yet he he doesn't have any himself (obviously he was so eager to play that he joined the team) which makes his whole defensive post worth no more than my shit. Btw I gotta go take a dump in the toilet, I'll be thinking about Norby's post while I'm at it Edit: The censored words are S-H-I-T - Just to inform you..
  11. Word! Pretty much true words.
  12. As he said* you should learn to talk normal english. Impervium: Yes I agree with you, the reason the beta-testers are a bit egostic about it is because they are already playing it. But they are doing all a hard work and they are doing it for free, I know you would like to contribute as well in a public beta test and as have been said it will be out soon hopefully (a public beta) however I respect the effort you put into your post but it's better to stay away a few months from the forums and come back when it's done rather than asking them all the time for something that wont be out soon
  13. Would be to have the users login to their forum account inside the MTA:SA software, Lets say (Just as example) that [uVA]James have a forum account and whenever he starts MTA:SA he needs to login with his forum details for the game to start. And ingame his username will be same as the forum account he has here and whenever he use a hack or something the he gets like a Queer Penis on his profile here in the forum for a week. Might be a bad idea, Just a suggestion though lol.
  14. I hate the GTA Network IRC, very few people talk around there they just hang around to get some fame.
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