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  1. A.) Yeah, i want some bionics lego pieces. Q.) Where is the milky bar kid?
  2. A.) No, i shall hit him with my legozooka. (Blast him into 2x1 and 4x1 pieces of legos.) Q.) Now what shall we do with all these legos?
  3. They have said they will work on MTAVC after a couple of releases of MTASA, probably not MTA3 tho.
  4. A. 0\/3|2 7H4|2! *Points to a region out into space that is dark.* Q. Who wants cookies? I ate the pies! *looks under name* ^_^1!!
  5. Yes, Radeon 9200s' are ok to play gtasa on (OK fps with a AMD 64-bit processor), but it just has minor graphic flaws (like the health bar) and if you are using one and expect to do some major gaming...update. If you are cheap, like me, get a Radeon x600 or higher. Or if you are an nvidia breed, get a 6600gt or higher. They should play sa ok.
  6. No AdnanKananda, thats not the reason why its there. And your pc has nothing to do with the map. the reason they put the limit in it because if you get over a certain number of objects, the map/game becomes very unstable, thats why its there. Nothing to do with your pc specs. Your pc may run gtasa fine, but you would crash like everyone else.
  7. To the last poster - wtf? To the topic in general - Driveby weapons other than the smgs and the pistol seem to be very glitch when used for about 10 minutes or longer. This can result in the game crashing, slowing down ( - fps), or the graphics in the game to become buggy (tested on both nvidia and ati cards, so dont bring a hardwarezwar into this fanboys...). The reason all of those weapons are glitchy is becasue this feature was not meant to be implimented into gtasa and was taken out about 2 months before completion due to "errors" in the code that made the game freeze, or on the pc, crash
  8. That really has nothing to do with the devs putting this into mtasa dm because those have nothing to do with mtasa itself, but scripts that you make yourself, and also it would not be fowardslash "/", it would be "!" like all of the other mta mods.
  9. That will be kindof hard to get him in herer but i will try, thankz BrophY, and i didnt want to type it all out about the members, so i CRTL + C'd and V'd that whole list.
  10. Umm, so only clan leaders can post headquaters on this map? Tell me wuick because i dont want somebody to take my places for SGB. EDIT - forgot to add (which people know some of this) SGB (Stoners/Smokers Gang Bang) has been around while ( a couple years) and have played in MTAVC. SGB has 22 members ( around 15 active members). Founders/Leaders =SGB=Jenna =SGB=Damo =SGB=Ian Co-Leaders =SGB=Energy =SGB=SkUG =SGB=Pike =SGB=I.GOT.U =SGB=Argh Members =SGB=Zeta =SGB=DJ =SGB=Dman =SGB=Moomy =SGB=Phil =SGB=Sara =SGB=Olep =SGB=ReGeX =SGB=blitZ =SGB=Marcuz
  11. MTASA DM will have the secret weapons... the map editor and the scripting abilities that you will have. look how MTAVC lasted and still is. MTA is the roxxor.
  12. There was something i was wondering. Would it be possible to change the weapons from dual wielding to single wielding? (Ex. the Tec9, Mac10, and the sawed offs.) because they overpower all of the other weapons and making them single wield would add more action in fighting, having to really aim/fire at the player to kill them, rather than the "spray" technique. Could this be possible (which i figure it more than likely could.) Thanks.
  13. I vote to lock this before it ends up in 10 pages of "its a fake".
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