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  1. HAPPY BDAY BROPHY!!!!! Have A goood one !!!!!!!!!
  2. i agree. i only got this pc bou 1yr ago and befor that i had gamesconsol's (gamecube rules btw ) and cant get my head around using kb/m it relly takes the piss , anyway i relly prefer pads on any game especally fps games....like take for instance timesplitters 2 i absoulutly love that game and i havend been against anyone thats beat me now wen i play ut samn game but diffrent levels oh yeah and u got a jump and crouch and i use total game control for it to use a pad with it and let me tell u im more better at it than m/kb like he sed in the post b4 me bash away!!!!!
  3. yeah hes got a point.... unless ofcouse the mta team come up with "rounded" tracks in the future......then it would be possible trainkilling lmfao
  4. awwww i think this is a genaral mta thing , i got bout 20 - 30 mp3's in the folder.......works fine on gta,but sadly mta no go . is there anyother cracks i can use? just incase its a slight cross cock up with mta and gta v1 of the crack? i heard summut bout mta was able to use gta v 1.1 crack or summut along thos lines?
  5. same as above lol. i putt all my tracks io want in the gta user track lists in my documents,go on to gta and set autoscan on and befor i go off i started a scan (i let it finish btw) and exit it and load up mta:sa go on a server and skip radio to user tracks and vola no music just ads can anyone help???
  6. yes i know its pc but unlike the ps2 it also got what we all love MTA,it's a online or soon to be deathmatch, i think using m/keyb is alright for FPS games like COD or UT BUT SAN ANDRAS? com'on its a bit extreme to use kb/ mouse isent it? i know its considerd as cheatng in fps games, but this could break a boundry in pc games. more prof gamers wold like to do a litte better tha ppl branding them as n00bs all the time, i myself have bin called that alot of times in mta:vc,but i would love 2 kick some pc pros ass. look i neva had a pc till last year and cant get to grips with the keyb and mouse
  7. yeah i wanna no to. it weird as i cant get any of my songs 2 work
  8. i dont think its lame at all, if u think psp and mutiplayer gta:lcs trough wifi i reckon i will rock cos most ppl nowday's use duel anologe pads or usb 2 xbox or ps2 or even gc, look it will be hell lot better to implemet autolock on feat for at least thos with gamepads.for gta:sa it was ment to use pads after all it was first relesd on the ps2 for godsake and i bet most of the poulation of MTA users use a pad its just not real if u use mose and keybord,at least let the gta pros ps2 style have a shot for once
  9. soz bout the n00bish quesion but will mta:sa dm have the auto lock on feat wen u press the aim button?
  10. noooo! thay would suck soo baad in MTA
  11. ohh nah nintendo are by far the best games console manufacturer it da world ova 2ce ,yo leviathan where did u get teh GC adaptor or did u just make a "make shift" one lol
  12. eh i waz wonderin where u got the gc(cube) usb adapter 4 pc i want 1 yeh nintendo are better at design(its qulity not quntaty) any way it would be cool if i could just hook up the cube controller wit the pc(yay hazarr for 3rd party products )
  13. yeah well, i said my proseeser waz crap and i admit im low on funds lol £85 a week aint good soo its gonna take fuckin ages for me to get a good prosesser,plz i relly want 2 have a good enough go,i took all the graphics down on sa and took the sound off if works a bit better 4 like 20mins,but what im trying 2 say is that it workd awsome with mta:vc no crashes/lock ups. i know my pc can run mta:sa pefectly somehow not to sure how,is ther anyother way of lowering the graphics on sa,like going 2 the game folder and changeing the ini settings(come on there gotta be summut 4 me 2 play)
  14. its relly odd it only crashes on mta i got need for speed most wanted and i run that on full graphics and online (ok it crashes from time to time but not as often as mta ) i know my specs aint that great but if i can run nfsmw i can surly run mta cant the dev tem do summut about it i would relly love to have a proper go at it( i cant even finish a race wich is a bit dogdey) and i can run gta sa perfectly in top notch graphics(compleated it lol)
  15. so how much is a amd motherbord these days? and my friends is a crappy old thing btw,so how dose gta rumble send its stuff en?
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