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  1. yay ! you're right ! :DDDD thanks.
  2. hello. i have a problem with my map ;/ when i want to run it on my server or in map editor i have "Download error: Error downloading requested files. HTTP response code said error." dunno what is wrong ;( its map with my models and script but before everything was working fine. please help !
  3. haha ; D thanks ! its still little work to do but less than before ;D
  4. yaaa but its big map with few parts so i its place on map by script ;/and i cant run this script in map editor ;(
  5. hello my question is how load custom objects in map editor to have possible to edit on them ? i always making spawn points, checkpoints and other stuff by writing coordinates in notepad
  6. yea its work ! but after when i take it and wait this 30 sec and pick it up again it doesnt disapear
  7. hello. ive got problem now with adding respawntime to this script ;/ i just want to make this repair spawning every 30 sec after someone pickup this.. and with mtawiki its still dont work. local myMarker = createMarker ( 3493.390381, -2223.425293, 15.378421, "corona", 3, 225, 255, 0, 255 ) function MarkerHit6 ( theVehicle ) fixVehicle(theVehicle) respawnTime=30000 end addEventHandler( "onMarkerHit", myMarker, MarkerHit ) im newbie with this stuff ;D
  8. yes i did ;> i added textures and maked dff and col by kams script. then file txd by txdworkshop... so what could be wrong... ;(
  9. What you mean by .col doesn't stick dff bounds? How can i change it? If you can, please give me some advice, or let me know if there is any tutorial about it.
  10. okay... so i did this ! but there is another problem ;l i made another model, and i have .col, .dff and txd file. My script is good for sure, but i have some two strange problems. 1. My object and col loads good, but it looks like texture is some px under object. Why? 2. When i fall under the track, i can see only bound walls. I can't see a floor of the track, why?
  11. damn... my friend just helped me with script and the "track" is disappearing when i looking on it from top. from down its okay... and i cant stand on it ;( maybe the reason is that the model have 10k polys and its "little"big ;x
  12. Hello ! i hope i writing this in good place so... i have problem... i made in 3ds max my own model of track ! : DDD ya cool ! and i have 3 files rc.dff rc.col rc.txd now the problem is i dunno how make its working in mta ;x i trying using mta wiki but... i know only how change colors of water ; D then i try to change some other maps with my models but its didn't work please help ! ;(
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