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  1. It can be shaped into any form. My line was right. Actually, you capitalize I, proper nouns, and other words as well. I didn't over-punctuate myself, also. It should be "a country however would be capitalized, but since this wasn't a country it was a language" (false by the way). So you just owned yourself 5 seconds before calling me a bitch...bitch. First off, my quote is right. If you criticize others about grammar, yet you suck at it anyway, then "you can't even speak for yourself". And you forgot the period after "fool". You forgot the period after "this". You can lock the t
  2. As he said* you should learn to talk normal english. Impervium: Yes I agree with you, the reason the beta-testers are a bit egostic about it is because they are already playing it. But they are doing all a hard work and they are doing it for free, I know you would like to contribute as well in a public beta test and as have been said it will be out soon hopefully (a public beta) however I respect the effort you put into your post but it's better to stay away a few months from the forums and come back when it's done rather than asking them all the time for something that wont be out soon A
  3. Xanarki

    2 years

    Hahahaha...sorry bout that. Why isn't this topic locked?
  4. Xanarki

    2 years

    GAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHA Sorry about that. Lock plz.
  5. A register system can easily fix that. I dunno about the idea. Mixed.
  6. That boat looks like it's owned by Cortez, before he got famous.
  7. Wow, every preview I've seen says that Saint's Row is a total GTA clone. Yet the devs say it's not. Eh?
  8. Yeah you got a point. You can never avoide cheaters. They will always find a way past the anti, no matter what. It sucks how they have no life, to do such meaningless things.
  9. Xanarki

    No servers

    Just turn off your firewall. When you see a server you like, enter it and turn your firewall back on.
  10. It really does matter in how which mode will offer what. SA-MP might have this, while MTA has this. The people can only do so much. The map editor (in my eyes) is what excites me the most, but a almost-bug-free mode is awesomeness too. Know whatda mean?
  11. Looking at it for the 1st time, it looks awesome man.
  12. You got a firewall? I had to turn off my firewall for it to work.
  13. Xanarki

    The GTA Series

    If there's new stories, new cities, new weapons, new cars, new peds, new features etc. then GTA will live.
  14. Yeah, same exact thing for Sim City. But in SA, when ya reach a slope or hill, it seems a new model is used. Like you said, object limit=faster reached.
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