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  1. Lol. so it now is like a year later, time for updates: SD is not playing MTA anymore, SD is now a CS:S clan I am now back in TLR and got them a server, so you can always find me there (not that you want to find me...) Well anyways, Cya l8r all!!! ps: i guess i now have to register under *TLR*Zeemon?
  2. Well, i know u need to set a password in the server config, i did it in my server with my own name, but i dont know how 2 login, i just know u can do /rcon kick with it, but u need 2 login and i would to know how , so i dont thing its that first option.....
  3. Yea, but there are much more things u can make with scripts: RPG, Welcome messages, etc......... I don't think u have to change much on the MTA:mA for VC.... But i have no idea how to do it.....
  4. What i wonder is, will there really be a MTA:mA for san andreas, so i can make scripts, like on Vice City.............
  5. Lol ok, i'll explain: I am Zeemon, starter of SD. In SD, i have this guy called ~SD~CowZ, but most people know him under the name Killa........ So CowZ is Killa and i am zeemon........
  6. If you mean me, no i am not killa, my name always is Zeemon
  7. Lol, reaper did mod yes, but he doesnt do that anymore, it is even in the rules.
  8. Hello everyone, The clan SD is officially started: -The clan has a own RPG made by ~SD~CowZ (a.k.a. Killa) -The clan has a Teamspeak server -Website: sdclan.50webs.com The clan new so needs members!!! so join fast If you want to visit the server go to MTA: IP: Port: 5010 Greetings, ~SD~Zeemon
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