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  1. If they manage to compile the MTA 0.5 source code, updating the client would still consume too much time and effort. The developers are focusing on future task's, such as MTA SA Deathmatch.
  2. Hey, EDITED It is a very simple attack. UDP flood to the MTA Server's client port. What I have done is added many rules in my firewalls and coded a very simple Linux bash script to check every second and firewall the ips accordingly. You could also just add some rules into iptables dropping all packets with a certain length. Cya, Tommis
  3. It is made to stretch any image to full screen.
  4. Hey, Yes, very nice. Forgot to say it has full transperency support. =P But ye like I said, very simple script. Yet so powerfull ;D Cya, Tommis
  5. Ye, Already tried that. But quite a bit of people have trouble downloading it. (Takes longer than 5 seconds). So I thought screw it, they will see it the second time around when they join. Cya, Tommis
  6. Hey, Very simple script, yet very powerful. Since lots of people have found this useful (to whom I have given it too), I thought I would release it. This is basicaly a script in which, after a player joins, it will display a full screen logo (no matter what resolution they are using) for 15 seconds. This picture will be put on top of everything including the chatbox. Some known bugs are; - Player needs to download this resource. If he/she downloads it slow, will not display the first time - Image is never displayed for the whole 15 seconds. All depends on how long it takes the players game
  7. Hey, Seems like if you set a MTU size, this will happen. Someone will join, get black screen then about 3-5 seconds later time out. (This is with DP2) Cya, Tommis
  8. Ah, true. Alright. Ill keep that message there for other people, might help them out.
  9. Hey, Alright, where to start. This might be a long read, but bear with me. It all started back in DP1, I was finding when the client was downloading files from the server (client side script files), it usually went quite slow. Soon after this, I found the httpdownloadurl and I decided to start using it. This is where the trouble began. I put the address in, made sure all the files were unzipped to their own folders with the correct folder names and that everything was accessible publicly via my webserver. Everything was a go. So i restarted the server, joined, and voila, no problems. Soon aft
  10. Hey, Take a look at this http://www.mircscripts.org/showdoc.php?type=tutorial&id=1531 Might be some help. Or This.. ;-------------- - ---- - - - ; FTP by praetorian ; praetorian@mircscripts.org ; http://detox.xs3.com ;---------------- - - - ; this snippet allows you to upload and download files to and from an ftp server. ; contains signals so you may easily create your own front end or integrate it into an existing script. ; ; use this code however you like, i commented and organized it to help you in case you want to write your own. ; ; syntax: /ftp <"local file"
  11. Hey, Take a look around if there is a dll for that, if so, that would be the easiest method. Other than that, if that fails, then i guess your stuck with sockets. Lucky enough, mirc makes it quite easy to use sockets comparing to other launguages. Ask **lil_today bout that, hes quite skilled in that area. ;p Cya, Tommis
  12. Hey, Good job boylett, keep up the good work! Cya, Tommis
  13. Tommis

    Help me again plz

    Salut, Premierement mettre ce texte dans un fichier texte. Deuxiemement, renommer ce fichier texte a un .mrc. Maintenant le charger avec mIRC. Mon français est faible. Désolé. Ne l'a pas utiliser souvent. (English = Im just telling him how to save in txt, rename and load.) au revoir, Tommis
  14. Hey, Good job, keep up the good work. Cya, Tommis
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