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  1. i know this has been asked before, but i tried everything. i have a legit game that i purchased from walmart 2 years ago. I played mtavc on my old pc, and when i got this new one, whenever i try to connect it says "connection failed: suspected trainer usage". I downloaded the patch to make my .exe version 1.1, didnt help. I close everything when i try to play, even xfire, msn, aim, and my chat firewall. I tried everything you guys have said in the known issues thread... but i still get the error.. any one know whats wrong?
  2. I know some of my suggestions are very common, but i still want to say 1) In mta 0.5 you had a favorites tab for the server list, i would like to have this in mta sa 2) (stated before) I loved rpg'ing with mta 0.5 and being able to walk around and use weapons. I cant wait until mta comes out with a free roam client 3) I personally hate the color scheme, well atleast the text color ingame, i think it would be cool if the user could choose the text color to his or her liking. these are just my suggestions... i know they have probably been said before, but, i just wanted to say.
  3. Wes4real

    the 4real clan

    we dont have clan wars, unless we go to a DM server to do it. Our official rival is =AoA= because the leader of =AoA= is my personal rival
  4. Wes4real

    the 4real clan

    yea, our home is vital's rpg server IP: IP:2005 we dont really do clan wars, we mostly just pure rpg.
  5. yea, i just uninstalled avg to fix the problem....
  6. i am trying to use tha all seing eye to get in the game, but cant firgure out how to talk out of game, and when i start game it is single player......... any help?
  7. Wes4real

    the 4real clan

    The 4real clan is a fast growing RPG MTA clan, you can visit the 4real forums at http://www.4real.tk, go ahead and register if interested, but you must be pure rpger and play alot in vitals rpg server (http://www.rpg-forums.tk) so please come and be apart of the best mta rpg clan. Wes
  8. man, i need to fix it, i have server waiting, and my clan members are getting mad !!!
  9. yea i have full control over everything on my pc, and all virus programs are shut down, and it is not locked, but still nothing..... this has NEVER happened before....... i need help, i have a server that needs an admin, and a clan that needs their clan leader.....
  10. well i was on my pc today, and i clicked mtaclient and this came up: I tried everything....... and this has never happened before..... dont know what happened..
  11. the same thing happened to me for the first time ever today, i did spyware sweep, put everthing back to defaults, and still nothing, and yes i am admin on my computer....
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