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  1. I like that idea, but make it so we can purchase hands free phones, so we can hold our weapons
  2. Starbuckz

    An error i get

    You said you do use a trainer, even if you use it in single player it will interupt your MTA.
  3. Starbuckz

    An error i get

    You need to uninstall the trainer and delete any file it added.
  4. Does there happen to be a downloadable version of Vice City for the pc?
  5. Say someone wanted to get a VC crack, where would such a person be pointed to find one? just for instance, of course.
  6. A, nah Q, What happens if the world gets blown up by aliens?
  7. I know, I'm just saying maybe in the future its somthing to look around how they do it.
  8. For the pedestrians, While playing Battle front II the other day i was t hinking You can join the game at any time, but all NPC spawn around the whole map, not just where you, or another online player are. Could this be a possibility for online pedestrians?
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