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  1. sorry, men den eneste pcen jeg har som GTA virker på, virker ikke lenger/Sorry, but the only computer i got that Gta works on, doesn't work
  2. Hmm, i didn't know about the ctrl+F9 trick, i'll use that much Btw, isn't this wrong/shouldn't it be rephrased someway? If it's not at a custom position or the spawnpoint, where is it then? Or is it just me not understanding it?
  3. "24/7 Freeroam-Buy this Server today..." Isn't worth playing on, as they allow the use of cheats...
  4. ok, but i'm still unsure... it'll probably work out somehow though edit: --------------------------- I just saw something else... how come the guy with the fire extinguisher can't knock the other guy down, or spray him down? And if it worked, won't sprays and such be another major problem? If someone gets close up to you, and start to spray you down, you can't get way... or even worse, if someone with a car and someone with a spray-weapon teams...
  5. Well, i saw a problem there, that i have thought of before, but i forgot it. What are you going to do about running people over and over and over without them managing to do anything, the runned over are unable to do anthing, just being killed? I can already imaging that happening all the time, and it is going to be a really major problem... Again, what are you going to do?
  6. well, then: how to solve that problem??
  7. well, the connection has been pretty buggy, seeing as i can't connect to steam(for an example) here, but anywhere else, and so on. I have turned off every firewall, so it might be a problem with the ISP...
  8. well, it'd be "just a little bit" boring having to find a ip on the net or somewhere just to connect but i'm going to try quick-connect now -------------------------------------- edit: i was timed out.. and it was NOT because of my nick anyone know what to do?
  9. well, even though it's a race, you could just be respawned at start...
  10. When i go into the browse server-thing, and press refresh, nothing happens. Then i press refresh again, and it says: "Couldn't load serverlist." That happens over and over again, and it's annoying that i can only use the map editor, not actually play online... Anyone got a suggestion on how to fix this?
  11. that's pretty much at least half of the gameplay... when will it be possible to be on foot, how long after the first release?
  12. isn't that the also the andromeda? I thougth the whole thing wasn't a vehicle, but just a flying box with interior and during the movie they change it into a andromada to make it look real... is it possible to open the back of an andromada??
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