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  1. I am in need of a way to create corona-like effects without using createMarker because of the limitation of markers(32). I thought of using the drawing functions but I am not entirely sure how they work and how I could work around them. I assume that the function needed is dxDrawMaterialLine3D but I am not sure how I could use that to create a glowing ball of light. Maybe my only problem is the use of the last 3 parameters, which are faceTowardsX/Y/Z, I suppose that these are what makes the line fully 3D? Thank you in advance.
  2. Thanks! The link in the community section doesn't work for me, it just gives me a blank page.
  3. Hey, any mirrors? The link doesn't work. I'm trying to see how you coded it to make a workaround for setPedAimTarget on local players.
  4. Yea I'm aware that it's possible to change it for yourself, too bad I can't change it for others. Would be great. I made a better version of my custom button however since it's using images, I made big sized buttons(normal, hover & click) so the quality is never lost(my old version had small sizes and they looked horrible when I made big buttons with them). Then I noticed my FPS drops by over 10-20 when I hover and/or click because of course it loads the other images. I guess an alternative is making 2-3 versions of each buttons; 1 for small, 1 for medium and 1 for big buttons so the lag
  5. The default color of GUI is black and I want to change it. I was looking into this when I wanted to modify the GUI button but I didn't find a solution so I coded my own button with its own design(it's white). But now I want to have the windows white too but then I'd have to code that as well. But I want to save myself some time, because this would consume a lot of of my time to make basically a new GUI system. Is there no possibility to edit the GUI colors so players can see the same colors? Maybe in future versions?
  6. I guess you're right, thank you.
  7. I was trying to recreate GUI functions server side and that requires triggerClientEvent. However I noticed it doesn't return the function value, rather true/false. I had to go through multiple steps to use guiGetScreenSize server-side and I'd hate to do the same with every gui function(over 100). What I had to do was use a global variable server-side to store the width and height. I reset them when the client joined, then after a second I called a client side function that gets the screen size and then it calls a server side function to store the values in those global variables. Any tips? I
  8. Ah cool. Is there any possibility to force the script to compile to your resource folder under the script name as an option in the MTA SE?
  9. As stated long time ago, use client-side scripts only for visuals (GUI) and custom models/textures (engine functions) if possible. And is there a way to protect those client side scripts? I couldn't find a LUA window compiler.
  10. If you don't know which to pick, I suggest you to pick the server side(less to download from users) unless it has something related with a client side function only(then again you can use triggerClientEvent to use a client side function on server-side)
  11. Seif

    Few problems

    Hm I fixed the problem. I had to put _, before defining the loop variable.
  12. Seif

    Few problems

    I encountered a few problems with getElementData and mysql_escape_string. For some odd reason, this line is giving me 2 warning/errors: local name = mysql_escape_string(serversql, getElementData(id, "name")) mysql_escape_string is from a module but it's well used. The error says "Bad Argument @ 'getElementData'". How? "id" is going through a loop under an element that I created. for id in ipairs(getElementsByType("customelement")) do And of course the element is created before the function is called(this is called when the resource stops and the element is created when the resour
  13. Seif

    Alt tabbing in Binco

    Nope, I just tried in single player and it didn't happen.
  14. Seif

    Alt tabbing in Binco

    It's probably the same issue in other clothing stores. I was capturing coordinates and pressed alt-tab to minimize the game. As I maximized the game back, a texture(the one in the screenshot seems to be a clothe texture, but it happened again and it was something else, probably something part of the textures around me) popped up on my screen and the camera suddenly changed. My camera was attached to my player but after this, it changed as you can see in the image. I had control though, but it was like if the offset changed. I reconnected via the console and it was a different texture. I had
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