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    mta mta mta i want to be an beta tester the new is gona be so fuxxing cool :D
  1. goooooooooooooooooood good this is gonna be very fun. but i think MTA sa dm will take an year
  2. first you so must be enable to walk into houses. second you must have acces to parachute thierd you must can drive the gokarts and such things fourth you must can select cj skin, cop skin, the purple gang skin,china skin,and an girl skin. or more skins to choose from five i hope that the traffic and such traffic things are synced six all weapons and weather etc water wawe traffic lights and such things are synced 7 money are synced. etc you can make money by killing and use the money for buying food and such things 8 mabye an map maker 9 i should lovely see some pedistrans or bot cop
  3. lol anyway i hope the mta sa dm will not take long to do im starving of an good sa dm mod
  4. when will the mta team start and focus on an san andreas deathmatch mod?
  5. girder

    i want SA deathmatch

    i hope it goes on therefore you mta team just must made an dm mode to SA. before deathmatch have beeen supe popular and i hope dm will come to SA to. also if i should make an suggsestion inlcude the map editor to if you gonna make an future dm to SA
  6. i gonna report every bugg och such things i find to mta just saying it just to help mta. i gonna look now for errors and such things
  7. lol i think deathmatch comes later. fro with vc they did stunt mode first and then deathmatch so i think it gonna be so with SA also.
  8. i blevied that you mta team was just sitting on your back and waiting so we was going to bee more exciting but nowq i know why good work and happy whit the documatation *sorry for fast typing and typing wrong*
  9. what must the mta team to have an countdown klock that just freaking others out and mabye get them crazy just realese the client! the waiting is freaking me out
  10. com on you have finished the version why you must do an countdown that is boooring must play it holy good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. i cant run on port 80 and why i tried was because i want not to forward EDIT: but why not the port 80 dont work i mean that is always open. also where is server ini
  12. thx but when i load it howi change the server,s port to 80?
  13. i have tried everything please post the right code for this dont workfor me:'//load -rs $+(",$$sfile(*.mrc,Select your mta.mrc,Load),")' also say the right channel i must be in
  14. but how i set up it? and must i download the mirc program?
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