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  1. lol thats really kinda old topic, i wrote in it like half year ago... anyway if u didnt notice you can get vehicles on the andromeda in the single player, and im not talking about the andromeda object... if you get an andromeda with some cheat, press num2 (or num8), then get a bike on it, you CAN fly and the bike wont fall! the only reason you cant do this in multiplayer is lag...
  2. thats not the end! then they just fall from the truck! and then 1 of them gets out a rocket launcher and owns the truck. and... nah forget it
  3. im happy that MTA-SA will have so many features and i always like to read your good news. and i want to ask something: you made the trains work but actually the wagons are missing, which means that you need to really get ON it to take a ride. you also said that you have added trailer support. the vagons are actually kind of trailers! arent they? SO maybe full length trains can be supported? and another question - can you next time post not only what you did but also what you want to do until the next update? (of course there should be something exept of checking bugs - but if there isnt it
  4. m21


    the map editor in the race version gave me some strange ideas, i think there need to be some more editors in the DM, (not at the 1st release probably but maybe later) i think that if you can edit the default map, you should be able to edit other things... so thats what i suggest: 1. map editor (that is already released) 2. weapon editor:if you want to edit map, you can set different settings to the weapons, but i dont mean converting silent pistol into bazooka or something like that, but more changing the speed of the rocket in the rocket launcher, the damage of 1 hit of some weapon's bulle
  5. m21

    almost won

    phew cool!!!!
  6. m21

    why noobs suck

    as many ppl said its a chain reaction... imagine 5 cars 1 near the other - 1 exploding. all the others exploding too. now imagine 5 planes 1 near the other. 1 exploding. (planes expoding many times in gta/mta) guess what will happen? exactly what u have recorded!
  7. somehow that looks more like GTA than MTA... i dont think that if ill ask someone to get in my car- he will just shoot it off... anyway nice screens... btw u choose the skins or it chooses the skin by itself?
  8. eeh isnt there an easier way to get in the team except of listening 12 hours to radio? *cough*i hate music*cough*
  9. manual rotating: when im trying to rotate a thing manually its very hard as its not in degrees. after a small research i got some like 90 degres and 180 degrees. but its like 1.**** and its hard to type it many times. can you make the input as degrees? (at least its a suggestion)
  10. there are 2 loops- the big 1 and the small 1. both are found in "sport and stadium objects".
  11. omg!!! i dont sure that noone wrote that but just now i realized that spawnpoints cant be rotated!!! the only ay i can rotate a spawnpoint is with the mouse wheel or while pressing ctrl key. and the biggest problem is that i can rotate it only on Z axis!!! i got some big problem with that when ive made some "curved break" map (the normal break but as half ball) and i wanted the players start at the top i realised that the cars get stuck in the breaks, bumping them and just drowning () as well if i want to start the map with plane freefall (for example) so i can set starting vehicle as andr
  12. m21

    new gamemodes

    many of theese are already in the MTA SA. there are plenty of cops vs robbers serves and many deathmach maps and many others. you can check by simply playing
  13. problem solved (for me) thanx kent ill share some maps now - i gotta cool maps
  14. nooo thats not the problem the problem is that when im trying to register its not sending me an email.
  15. howcome i didnt see it? (dont answer)
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