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  1. It's Variable[index] = 100 or Variable[vehicle] = 100 ? And yes something like that.
  2. Hey, wass up? I have a little question. I want to make a variable for ALL vehicles and set it to 100, maybe using: for index, vehicle in pairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do --Variable code something like Variable[vehicle] = 100; Haha, like in SA-MP. end Well, thank you all. _____________________ Best regards!
  3. For example here: player = getRootElement() -- or player = getLocalPlayer() -- ? setElementPosition(player,-1604.5982666016,-498.20288085938,21.506694793701) getLocalPlayer is client only function, right? I should use it on my client.lua, really? And use getRootElement in server.lua
  4. Hi. I wondered what is the best function to use, to give vehicles/wepoans/etc... to player. Well, I mean what is the best way to define PLAYER. I hope you have understood me. _______________ Thanks.
  5. So, I can't find them? P.S: Look in util_client.lua, I think there are something. (.../race/util_client.lua) ______________ Thanks
  6. In "race" gamemode. Can you take a look please? I need know how works these new events because i'm making a resource, and I can't find them. Please... _____________ Well... Thanks.
  7. Hi. Somebody can tell me how works onClientScreenFadedOut and onClientScreenFadedIn? I can't find these events in MTA Wiki... =/ _____________ Thanks!
  8. Hi! I want to know if is possible make races in a free mode gamemode, like "play" gamemode. With commands like /joinrace, /exitrace, etc... ______________________________ That's all. Greetings from Spain! Atte. irinel1996
  9. Well... I did it by myself. It works with this: playSoundFrontEnd(46) Also, thanks.
  10. Hi. I want to play a sound from GTA, for example the "repair" sound. But I don't know the function. I think it's playSoundFrontEnd but it doesn't work. =/ Can u help me please? __________________ Thanks.
  11. It works perfect. __________________ Thanks!
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a little script to make ALL vehicles fuel tank explodable when I start the server. Have you got any idea about how it is? __________________ Thanks!
  13. Hi. I'd like to know how make a new font. ___________ Thanks!
  14. LOL! AWESOME!! Congrulations, that's awesome, really! 10/10!
  15. It is negotiable, the creator chooses. I want one new, and perfect.
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