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  1. Is it just me, or map editor got worse since 1.0.4? Some object textures are not showing up properly anymore (especially tries and plants) and progress from test mode is saved (so if you for example die and exit test mode you will spawn dead next time you enter test mode -> very annoying). Otherwise, good work on new update!
  2. You need to post on that server's forums.
  3. http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 47#p302349
  4. What category this belong to then? It's pure advertisement lol
  5. Sergei

    MTA and SAMP

    Word "Valhala" is blocked of SA:MP services. Nobody is talking about moving everyone to MTA.
  6. Sergei

    MTA and SAMP

    The case is that valhalla has MTA and SAMP server, so they wanted to force them to remove "ID" stuff from their MTA server with censoring name "Valhalla" in SA:MP services.
  7. Sergei

    MTA and SAMP

    Samp censored Valhalla from samp server list because their MTA roleplay server used word "ID" as those indentification numbers for players (to use instead of names) because they claim it as their invention (and still thousands of other games use it). Making chatbox SA:MP alike by default wouldn't be good move because they would find thousands of new reasons to blame MTA. However, MTA should put new players on knowledge that they can completly customize their chatbox. Not everybody visits settings.
  8. Sergei


    0:34 is also pwnage
  9. Sergei

    MTA and SAMP

    It makes me angry each time when I see how much people suggest everyone to use MTA's editor and on the other side they talk s**t over MTA. If MTA's editor hadn't existed there wouldn't be any stunt servers on samp and also barely any custom maps at all.
  10. Sergei

    MTA and SAMP

    The only case where you can mention MTA on SA:MP "property" is when you talk about map editor. It's funny how 99% of SA:MP fans use MTA's map editor and don't realize how better MTA is itself.
  11. Hello. I have been thinking what can be improved to MTA to make it more user friendly and also more popular and I think that whole client installation and usage is a bit complicated for new users. Maybe that is also one of the reasons why people prefer SAMP more, since installation and usage is much simplier and faster. So here are my thoughts. Make "light" client version. It woudln't give you options for what to install, but it would automaticly install you only things which are primary for MTA to be able to operate (no server package, map editor, etc). Make "external" server browser (like
  12. Check this: http://wiki.mtasa.com/wiki/TXD
  13. Yeah, but weapons usually don't visually damage any parts of vehicles, so checking all the parts all over doesn't help much.
  14. Would it be also possible to add parameter which tells us which part of the vehicle was hit?
  15. Hello. Currently server-side event onVehicleDamage only has one parameter which tells us how much health vehicle lost. It would be useful if that event told us attacker and attacker's weapon. With those two additional parameters we would be able to easily make vehicles damage proof for only specific weapons for example. Regards
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