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  1. I would agree wth is the purpose of posting full script maybe some mod will clean it up looks disgusting.
  2. hmm? isnt this what =SGB= was talking about about a year ago? Told you so thanks for making me an idiot <--------- how mature... NO dude that was Olis backdoor hacks that was put in by oli in his script and it was way before 0.5 was released so this is something else , that was olis doing this is a failure on MTA teams part , lots of difference.
  3. Omg

    The BOND Family

    Strange very strange u think ? But with what ?
  4. Omg

    My smalls PHP scripts

    It is in english Weird on the demo site all i saw was some language out of my league.
  5. Omg

    Scripts By Punk

    Can u explain what u wrote in english ?
  6. Omg

    The BOND Family

    lol how old are they? ^^^ read above post wesley is 15 . Omfg kids clan and to ur question who would join their clan . Duhh kids(12-16years old kiddies) will .
  7. Omg

    The BOND Family

    lol how old are they? Billy Aka Stewie (and hacker lol he admitted). Is 13 dunno when he turned 14 maybe when his mom had grounded him from using pc for 12 days or something maybe he turned 14 than . Cexy-Bond ( 16 years) Martian-Bond (or whatever his name is ) Not sure about his real identity but am sure about those 2 listed above. May god help mta players, when hackers like stewie open clans or get to be in clan . As mta community we should all stand up against hackers and they should be banned from this forum to teach them a lesson that its not acceptable to hack and ruin mta for ev
  8. Omg

    My smalls PHP scripts

    Will it come out in english?
  9. Omg

    The BOND Family

    CRAP my post auto magically dissappeared . I like woodo magic . But as josh said billy the kid aka stewie (the old known hacker ) is nuts about his admin rights and bans u if u kill some of the bond on server as if they dont know how to fight . I shall say omfg if the automagically woodo magic happens again .
  10. Hey tomis i didnt know u were from canada i thought u were from netherlands . But good work.
  11. It is? I'm here cos I was promised beer and cookies. I'm still waiting. Well than i guess the person who promised is not trustworthy.
  12. MTA SA server uses 150kps when 22 players are on the server , rest of the math do yourself. Regarding mtaserverpatch . skull breakers clan has download page with mta + sa server and client and patches. check http://sbclansite.com/downloads.php for patch for mtaserver. And mtaserver patch is not required to solve timeout problem but other issues if ur timing out it means u dont have enough bw on u to run server.
  13. Lol try to find a server with better rpg on it, sb clan seems to be good rpg playground with actually fully working rpg ankaborgs seems to be devoted to too much rpg and u will be banned if u by mistake even killed someone other options are try new upcoming rpg server someone might be good. or as suggest make or edit others rpgs
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