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  1. Hello. I'm trying MTA with Wine 1.41, it runs ok, I can log in any server well, download map, everything well, but after some time playing (some secs) it freezes completely. PC gets frozen, I have to hard restart.... Someone with same bug? -- I tried with Wine 1.5+, but MTA doesn't execute (shows splash screen fast and dissapears).
  2. I tried In the moment when the second PC connects to the server (when the game finishes the Loading), the first says: "Network error" and disconnect..., the second one can play normally... Isnt any possibility??
  3. Hey how re u... I have two PCs in LAN, when one connects to a Server in Serverlist, is OK, but when the other PC connects to the SAME sever, in the first says : "Network Problem"... It means,, only one PC with the same IP in the server.... so we can't play in the same server. Please help...
  4. Hi All. First sorry for my English, I am too bad... lol I have a big problem: I am playing with a PlayStation controller connected in the PC, all is right, when I played SA all was good, but now there is a problem: When I press right click the camera goes up, and I can't shoot because all the time goes up... I was seeing if it was a problem with the config, but no... When I unplug the controller all is fine.... Help me.
  5. Uff, ok, but I need to play like a normal person...
  6. My conection is bad, but isn't very bad, other hard online games are perfect. IS 150K. My computer is perfect, the game runs in the maximum resolution perfect...
  7. The problem is that my pìng is in 200:400 ... What can I do...
  8. But I don't know, in many times I shoot an amount of time directly to the person, some blood, some shoots but he's life is in 100%.
  9. Hello, I play MTA Vice City, all good, but I shoot to other person, he throw flood and all, but he NEVER die. To all the persons is the same, but they can kill me... help me!!. Thanks.
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