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    Gmod pwns this 1000 billion' times more ^^ MTA is good also.... better than SA-MP Posdata: PLAGIADORES.
  1. Theres a thing that worries me: In gmod9 there were a few Viruses (Worms and that sh*t) that u could caught on some servers, they were coded with Lua and can execute at ANY TIME. I hope u have any idea to prevent this.
  2. I've made this map, it was a proyect for DM: Its called Helms Deep. http://img123.imageshack.us/img123/5434 ... 027jv5.jpg http://img105.imageshack.us/img105/2175 ... 028sm8.jpg http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/1990 ... 029vo9.jpg http://img105.imageshack.us/img105/4956 ... 030ii2.jpg Ignore the vehicle pick-ups. Allowed weapons: Contry rifle, shotgun, Katana and Pistol (Single pistol, not dual)(Thoose will be the weapons you will have at the spawn) Vehicles: A dumper and 2 greenwoods. (For the attackers) Spawns: A few in the fort in the walls (Outer wall and the bunker (or however
  3. YAY!!! By the way, i have a sustitute for MTA: SA.... Its called Garry's Mod, for HL2 ^^.
  4. I think it must depend on the server, littlewhitey can support almost 100 players on a Freeroam map, in SAMP.
  5. And ill wait for it looking the TV on my coach! Lol! xDDDDDDDDDDD
  6. It would be the same as syncing bigfoot, the waves or... the clouds... useless and will make MTA-DM Come more late... it will not come this year anyway...
  7. THATS NOT TRUE!! Lets see if time ''FLYS'' for you when exams and more shit comes, and theyre making new useless features that will only slow down the mod... They allways can implent them in next versions!, but not, they want to make us wait, and everybody knows that it wont come b4 christmas, maybe in july, or september next year... Stop featuring Sh*t and start fixin bugs
  8. i think this has something to do with CTL / ALT key getting locked for some reason .. ive had it too more then a few times- but just hitting the keyboard with ctrl and alt combinations can escape you out of it too IT HAPPENS TO ME LOTS AND LOTS OF TIMES....!!
  9. Removed - senos material - Forum Owneatión
  10. I think the classes ( Skins u choose ) will be set at map editor, i think you will be able to put them directly from map editor to the map, same with the cars... pick-ups... etc.. If im wrong, correct me... im not a developer of MTA...
  11. There cannot be passengers on boats, then, passengers must hang on the boat and shot, but sometimes lag and bad Sync made to see them flying over the water and not in the boat, and then, enemys cannot be shot by them because the dont see not shots and only a flying guy over the water!, this is really weird, i hope to not see this in MTA DM Car Dry-By is enough for me, at least, driver driveby allways stinks, you can get killed with just 5-10 shots..... annoying, so if drivers can drive-by manually it will be more balanced. One last thing: In normal SA game you can do a cheat for shot mann
  12. THAT SOUNDS REAL UGLY!!, i hope will have a buttom before loading the main screen for choose Deathmatch and Race, and in server config you will be able to choose what type of server will be, for example, you can have an Race server and a deathmatch one at the same time, but i think there must be a new server installer for DM ( Also the client ). And when u make maps at the start you select what type of map it will be, deathmatch or race and theyll save in diferent folders. I think this better than that idea.
  13. Muchs features to come... dont expect that u couldnt change skills, is unconfirmed. Bye
  14. Believe me, map editor of SA-MP will suck a lot, i saw the videos and its made of commands and Sh*t. MTA DM has a simple Map Editor that anyone can use and makes funnier things. In SA-MP only some guys can make scritps ( Including myself ), because is 30 times harder to use than the map editor on MTA. ( Its hard to use PAWNO, i can do a handfull of things, but nothing better than my MTA maps.. )
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