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  1. dude you cant just upload maps from other people without their permission
  2. function mutePlayer(player,command,victimName) -- if the player has specified a victim name to mute if victimName then -- get the victim player element from their name local victim = getPlayerFromNick(victimName) -- if the player exists if victim then -- if they arent already muted if ( not isPlayerMuted(victim) ) then -- mute them and output a message to the chat setPlayerMuted(victim, true) outputChatBox("You have been muted.",victim) end else outputChatBox("Could not find player with name: "..tostring(victimName),player) end else outputChatBox("Usage: /mute ",player) end end -- add the /mut
  3. Assassin-NL


    Metal.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <meta> <info type="map" gamemodes="race" name="[DM]Assassins Warphole" /> <map src="race-[DM]Assassins-Warphole.map" /> <settings> <settings> <setting name="#respawn" value="none" /> </settings> </meta> .Map file <map edf:definitions="race,editor_main"> <"a bunch of object" lol/> <racepickup id="racepickup (Hunter) (1)" type="vehiclechange" vehicle="425" interior="0" posX="-5.5734367370605" posY="-2781.7028808594" posZ="60.260707855225" rotX="0" rotY="0
  4. is trigger a server event for the kicking about the same triggering a server event for banning ? onBan
  5. thanks for helping me out also what to replace for kick instead of kill ?
  6. i tested it and it doesnt work and i hope you guys can help because i dont know what i did wrong
  7. function funcInput ( key, keyState ) afkTime = 60*2 if ( keyState == "up" ) then setTimer(afkgo,afkTime,1) end if ( keyState == "down" ) then afktimer = getTimers ( afkTime) for timerKey, timerafk in ipairs(afktimer) do killTimer ( timerafk ) end end end function afkgo() afkTime =600*2 afktimer = getTimers ( afkTime) for timerKey, timerafk in ipairs(afktimer) do killTimer ( timerafk ) end outputChatBox ( "afk" ) end function bindTheKeys () bindKey ( "forwards", "down", funcInput ) bindKey ( "forwards", "up", funcInput ) bindKey ( "b
  8. is it possible to edit the driver2/server.lua " http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ils&id=612 " it sorts teams and it gives players colours. but is it possible to make the cars of the team the same colour as the name? thanks
  9. because with my new map maker i have 1000000's of bugs
  10. Hello, I know there is a converter to convert maps from the old mta to the new mta, but is there a downgrader that converts maps from the new mta to maps from the old mta ? thanks
  11. is it possible to use the same config.xml and edit the server.lua to not change the nick but change the vehicle colour ? thanks
  12. Thanks! it works perfect!
  13. driver, the autoteams is in the resource list. but how to set the teams? thanks! Or set members from to a certain team
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