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  1. Hi Serbian. This is basically what im doing like you described, but when I click connected i get Disconnected: Client timed out Any ideas? Thanks for all your help so far guys
  2. Ok thanks for that, I can now see alot of servers but now I cannot connect to them still Am i right in thinking that ASE launches the MTA client which then connects to the server?
  3. Configure the MTA installation, what does that mean exactly please?
  4. Ok when I specify a IP address and the server shows it just says cannot launch exe or something, im getting quite annoyed with this whole thing to be honest
  5. That thing is nasty thought, you ever tried uninstalling it?
  6. Hi, when i update the server list for the first time all the server names read "unscanned" with 0 players in the server. If I try to connect to a server it just says ten second time out. Can anyone help please? I have tried clicking refresh as suggested by osmeone else but still get the same result
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