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  1. Milky


    Appologie accepted. I do that. And when I get in game ALL the characters are in one place, like 30 people. On a roof, that is unaccesable.
  2. Milky


    STOP FREAKING SPAMMING ON MY GOD DAMNED THREAD!! I need HELP. If your gonna spam like that or go off topic take it to a damned PM, I am having a very rough day and you off topic-ers aren't HELPING AT ALL.
  3. Milky


    Duh. I joined a team already. And peopel are on a roof nearby the Mafia start.
  4. Milky


    All thjat can be taken to a PM, stay on topic please!!
  5. Milky


    I got it to join a team. I am on the server with a LOT of people on it. I join and all the people are on the roof of a un-acessable building. Too many bugs guys....
  6. Milky


    I connect, run the game through the icon. When I go to play it all it does it give me freaking credits. I want to play but I can't HELP me!
  7. Would you like to port it from Ps2? You know how much work it is? Think about this for a minute. When Vice City was released for Ps2, how long has it taken for a release date to be given just to swap all the models, maps and so on to PC? Just a thought.
  8. Yeh. I am a firewall user too. What ports DO I open?
  9. Here is mine, it rocks! [EDIT]Oh, I will get it working in a bit.[EDIT]
  10. Milky

    GTA 3 SP heLP!

    I am on Staunton Island. took me a long time to get there, but i done it!! I need some major help on the mission for Kenji...the Grand Theft Auto mission. The first car in the garage thing...I cant find it.
  11. Yeah, sorry about that post. Was at the verge of being a asshole so I blew off on you... But how do you play MTA 0.2a?
  12. No crap really!?!!? FFS man I freaking know that from the name. Read this closer " I CANNONT JOIN ANY SERVERS IN .2A " duhh!!
  13. Howdy all. I am a big fan, I found a way to see the MTA in ASE but not join servers. I am so excited. A few great coders and holy shit, to my surprise the ping here was 170's. I hope you don't mind my saying. Just make all very excited (me too ). But for now I am horribly sad. I cannot join ANY servers as of now with MTA 0.2a. What it does is, just sit there. One of these days or hours today I will snatch a picture of what it just sits at. I DO have a firewall, maybe that has somehting to do with it? If so what must I do? Thank you for all assistance!! *I cannot wait for 0.3b!*
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