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  1. actually, it should get time to do that i think, but..goddamn..then i dont only gotta reinstall windows, but everything (shock, omg, hartattack, cancer, falls down, dies)
  2. This is what i done actually in another throw at it. I uninstalled GTA VC, I unninstalled MTA 0.5 I installed GTA VC, I restarted pc, I played GTA VC I installed MTA 0.5, I restarted pc, I tried to play, I got a bad mood again Yes, i chose GTA VICE CITY and not GTA3 at installation ! Oh dear.. and who is playing 0.4 still, 1 or 2 people? I remember that worked atleast maybe i can try a other gta-vc.exe but the game opens, but it closes immideatly to.. goddamn
  3. The original, i bought it. But this is so weird, i click start game, i do everything right, the game starts, i can see the ingame chat, then the screen go's back to the MTA client, i still see down next to the MTA client multi theft auto or something, and that dissapears in 2 seconds too, MTA VC just closes itself!! WHAT THE FUCK?! /me .. is getting desperate, is writing a goodbye letter, and going to a guy to buy a weapon to kill himself..
  4. I never had problems running MTA 0.4 btw, maybe, but it couldnt be the problem, my folder is C:\Program Files\GTAViceCity and my file is called gta-vc.eXe yes with a big X
  5. LOL, i dont use mIRC Can i join a other way And you, Estonian guy, don't talk that way to me, we should be brothers, its the Baltic states, oh what ever, all we do is fuck each other in real life, (fuckin lithuanians too) lol
  6. What is your arch-enemy?
  7. :( DAMN!! First i tried that what JHXP said Didnt work Tried {KoQ}Z way.. Didnt help either, i feel shitty
  8. That gang is an other set up then im interested in, PCP is a nice clan too i think, im a quarter polish, hehe
  9. /me dont like that clanname Could make some Eastern European clan, like Eastblock or something, could have a friendly connection with VCK, still like that clan i think, never had problems with them in the period i played MTA..
  10. [LV]ExtrA


    Cracked like you cracked GTA or you Cracked MTA (is it still possible, lol?, a year ago it was )
  11. Hehe, could ya help me on this out? http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=202181#202181 What does KoQ mean?
  12. Hey people, im making a new clan, i had a big clan once, called [LV] , maybe some people remember, we were one of the ruling clans around with Batareika and some other people in the clan, now i decided to make a new eastern european clan, i dont know a name yet, and dont have anymore friends who play mta (ok 1 guy) so..but i also thought about joining VCK, but dunno if they will take me altough, i think i play ok, got much experience what should i do
  13. OK! I am back to MTA, played it about 2 years a year ago.. now i want to play again, and again having problems When i start MTA 0.5 i connect to server, start game, go into the game menu, start mta, the game starts to load, it loads to the end, the load screen go's away, i see the beggining of the ingame chat, for like 0.5 seconds and then the game switches itself off GTA Vice City 1.0 (i think, i didnt do any patching) MTA 0.5 (hehehe) with the server patch Windows XP Proffesional AMD Athlon Xp 2700+ 2.16 Ghz 256 Ram memory i think i have Windows SP1 A dissapointed mood (lol) Please
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