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  1. i had this problem too but i fixed it... all i really did was deleted the .Set file in My documents/GTA User Files then i started up singleplayer and went into settings then shut the game down then re-installed MTA and it worked perfectly hope this helps Gibbo
  2. i have a suggestion you could make the andromata slightly wider and make a cargo hold so you can hold like people and cars and stuff and if people wanted to go sky diving instead of going up there them selfs they just hop in the back of the andromata get some one to fly it and pilot opens up the door and they all jump out and you could do some kool stunts with that too like flying close to the floor while having the doors open and a bike pops out that would be great
  3. its already been done in mods just asking if they were gona put it in and how many pelople are aloud in a server at any one time
  4. does anyone know the maximum people aloud in a server? brcause it would roxxorz if you could have more than 30 in a server and then all go in the AT-400 and do a big skydive or air mission and will the skycrane be put in it would be cool asking for an airlift and someone picks you up
  5. i can see the resemblence lol jk scary baby
  6. maybe they should make a mission version and a non mission version for the lower Spec people
  7. shouldent that mean that you dont need as much RAM to run it then? because wouldent single player missions use the RAM most?
  8. does MTA take away the single player missions?
  9. cool thanksand would 256 MB of ram run GTA SA ok?
  10. does anyone know how big MTA:SA is gona be? hope its not too big i can cope wit 200MB download but not sumtin like 2 gig sorry but im new
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