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    [O.o] Ownage Owls

    The website is now up! http://www.ownage-owls.net.tc. Remember this is v 1.0 and we havent really concentrated on the design just yet that will probably come in one of the later versions, atm we have some good features including a calender and upcoming events etc. Thanks to our member Latep for coding and helping with the design. see ya at the shoutbox
  2. yes he is our mascot. Most members play mtavc i think, im one of them anyway
  3. Fitzy9994


    yes.. been there since
  4. i had this problem. Download the xerces files and put them anywhere on your system. make a new script called 'startserver' in your mta server directory and open it in an editor and put (assuming you got libxerces-c installed in /usr/local/lib, otherwise change it) "#!/bin/bash export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib ./mta_server" (without quotation marks) Then chmod it so it can be executed: 'chmod +x startserver' Use ./startserver to execute your server.
  5. if your british of course the directory would be C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas\server\mods\race
  6. ahh thanks very much again Talidan
  7. thanks the password thing works, But wheres the anticheat.def uploaded to?
  8. i dont get what you mean titan, and thanks talidan
  9. ok one of the error's was gone the update definitions one but it still says it cant load anticheat.def
  10. When i set the password on the server it doesn't seem to set the password: # ServerPassword # Required: Yes (Yes if server should be passworded) # Purpose: Defines the server password # Format - ServerPassword #ServerPassword Password and also my anti cheat doesnt work http://img484.imageshack.us/img484/734/problem5di.jpg Thanks in advanced
  11. This is because your probably 'Limited account' on windows XP and not administrator
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