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  1. I LIKE THIS ONE LOLOLOL Lethal + Train = Flat Player. (Train) that would own!
  2. just make the scripts and show it to us if they dont work atleast try thats wut i did u cant always realy on people makeing scripts for you. So try and make it then show us it if it dosnt work ok,
  3. idk wuts wrong with it im just gonna close this project if anybody figures it out and gets it working if you could please tell me thx.
  4. ok well its working now but it just says No-One even when me and my friend tested it. We both went into a vehicle and then got out then went into the other vehicle and it still said No-One. if you could help me thx.
  5. alias part: alias rpg.lastdriver !return $iff($readini($rpg.dir $+ rpg.data.ini,lastdriver,$mta.vehicle($1,$2)),$v1,No-One) MTA Signal enter part were i call it: } else mta.msg $1 $2 Vehicle: $mta.vehicle($1,$2).name -Price: $chr(36) $+ $rpg.carprice($1,$2) Vehicle Health: $mta.health($1,$2).vehicle $+ $chr(37) $chr(91) $+ $str(|,$ceil($calc($mta.health($1,$2).vehicle /10))) $+ $chr(93) $+ . LastDriver: $rpg.lastdriver($1,$2) . Owner: Nobody } Finaly the MTA Signal Exit Part: on *:SIGNAL:mta.exit:{ !writeini -n " $+ $rpg.dir $+ rpg.data.ini" lastdriver $mta.vehicle($1,$2) $mta.n
  6. ok let me try... ok heres wut im still getting ** Admin PM send: Vehicle: Deluxo -Price: $1642 Vehicle Health: 68% [|||||||]. LastDriver: . Owner: Nobody
  7. Ok heres wut the problem is, when I enter the vehicle it just sas LastDriver: . even tho ive alread been in the car and stuff, now heres wut ive made: The alies for calling it by $rpg.lastdriver and im not sure if it would be $rpg.lastdriver with the ($1,$2) at the end or not couse realy i dont know wut the $1 $2 $3 $4 mean: alias rpg.lastdriver !return $iff($readini($rpg.dir $+ rpg.data.ini,lastdriver,$mta.vehicle($1,$2)),$readini($rpg.dir $+ rpg.data.ini,lastdriver,$mta.vehicle($1,$2)),No-One) The writeini for when you exit the vehicle it will add it to the ini: !writeini -n " $+ $r
  8. download oli and jax's rpg script read it and either use it or copy and paste also get tutorials.
  9. no no no that part is fine but like idk way when i try to sell the car it sas the owner is Sunshine autos and in the ini it sas [sold] with nuttin under it.
  10. Ok so everything is cleaerd on the ini part but heres new probeblem: I dont have any vehicle in the sold section of the ini but when i go to sunshine autos it sas i dont own it so heres the normal code: alias rpg.sell { if $rpg.area($1,$2) == Sunshine-Autos { if $mta.vehicle($1,$2).name != foot && $mta.vehicle($1,$2).name != Unknown { if $rpg.sold($1,$2) != $true { if $rpg.carowner($1,$2) == $mta.name($1,$2) { var %a = $calc($calc($mta.health($1,$2).vehicle * $rpg.cargrade($1,$2)) * 3),%b = $iif($rpg.cargrade($1,$2) == 3,A,$iif ($rpg.cargrade($1,$2)
  11. Everybody can call me a noob today lol i went to bed after i posted this and then i thought WTF! AM I DOIN! and remeberd that $mta.vehicle($1,$2) was the vehicle the player was in so yea lol thanks.
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