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  1. Like brulla said, maybe youll move this somewhere else about who will be polish captain. Plus this argues starting to be childish and boring.
  2. It would be good if we knew Polish Team till end of this year Seriously dont make our new president choose the team...
  3. It seems to be fight vs pcp and rp... Hell /me relax while waiting for tournament...
  4. You have problems, instead kris or boro choose other as a captain Plus you all argue who will be cap of polish team, tournament didnt even start, and dunno if it will...
  5. This sounds nice but so far only few countrys r in.
  6. -LoCo-

    An Idea

    Theres an Edit button, no need to double post. As far as i know, gta3 and vice engine is diffrent than san andreas one.
  7. -LoCo-

    An Idea

    As i know, theres a mod that add liberty city. Also someone is making a mod that adds Liberty and Vice to San Andreas...
  8. I aint goin down to that creapy frankenstein lab to check it out, not even for a scooby snack
  9. Like Ken Rosenberg said it on San An: "F*ckin amazing"
  10. Two option for moderators, lock this topic, or rename it to Sp@m C@fe To all who will fell sorry after this topic will get locked, there always XE topic...
  11. Ceoz Airline: Flight 666 U think they gonna find anything? doctors propobly huntin down the squirell that stole coez brain thinkin its a nut I dont wanna find out
  12. Its getting quiet in here, did someone dissapear?
  13. Next clan gone... Silent left to (what i heard) reborn UL, xw dont have server soo few guys are propobly "uninployed". But damn till some time it was fun...
  14. If there will be "no" option it means ceoz voted...
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