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  1. TY VRocker Wishlist: - Custom QUIT messages - Custom Realname and ident Enchanted !players script! (just replace it in the lua file): elseif string.find( szText, "!players" ) == 1 then local c = 0 local str = " " for index, thePlayer in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if (str ~= " ") then str = str .. ", " end str = str .. getClientName(thePlayer) c = c + 1 end if (c == 0) then ircMessage(pIRC, channel1, "There are no players online") elseif (c == 1) then
  2. You can only write with set() when the setting isnt in the meta.xml file. If it is there, the server doesn't write anything. This happened on the windows server
  3. Mount

    IRC Bug Tracker

    What i think of it? It spams.
  4. Thank you for the tip, adding it in version 0.2 I have planned that already, im just waiting till the bug is fixed (viewtopic.php?f=90&t=21024)
  5. Or fetch their serial on each join, and make a list of allowed serials
  6. <group name="Pingkicker"> <acl name="Pingkicker"/> <object name="resource.pingkicker"/> </group> <acl name="Pingkicker"> <right name="function.kickPlayer" access="true"/> <right name="function.xmlLoadFile" access="true"/> </acl>
  7. You defined 2 times a group, you need to define the ACL too. Like this (untested): <group name="ScriptEditor"/> <acl name="ScriptEditor"/> <object name="resource.ScriptEditor"/> </group> <acl name="ScriptEditor"/> <right name="general.ModifyOtherObjects" access="true"/> </acl>
  8. Try this: function lolCommandFunction ( playerSource, command ) outputChatBox ( "Im Laughing Out Loud!", playerSource ) end addCommandHandler ( "lolcommand", getRootElement(), lolCommandFunction ) and for your script with included name: function lolCommandFunction ( playerSource, command ) outputChatBox ( "* " .. getClientName(playerSource) .. " is Laughing Out Loud!") end addCommandHandler ( "lolcommand", getRootElement(), lolCommandFunction )
  9. Look at the example for onPlayerChat (http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... PlayerChat), it shoudn't be hard to make
  10. Did you even read my whole post? You need to add an ACL group, with that rights. And then add resource.pingkicker to it Btw: here is a screenshot of the pingwarning: http://www.sitebar.nl/releases/mtadm/pingkicker-warning.png
  11. This is related to viewtopic.php?f=90&t=21024
  12. Pingkicker v0.2 by Patrick "Mount" Rombouts ========================================== Functions: - Pingkicker - Configurable ping warning - FPS kicker - getClientFPS - Automaticly saves/loads config ========================================== Usage: - How to set the maxping to 150: /maxping 150 - Disabling the Pingkicker /maxping 0 OR /maxping off - Enabling the Pingkicker /maxping on - How to set the Pingwarning to 100: /pingwarning 100 - Disabling the Pingwarning /pingwarning 0 OR /pingwarning off - Enabling the Pingwarning /pingwarning on - How to set the minimal fps t
  13. Confirming this on CentOS - Generic one
  14. This bug is when a player is driving in a car, and you'll change the skin of that player. The player sees itself in the car, but the other people are seeing that person outta the car.
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