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  1. xGj

    MTA 0.6/Blue

    It's really fun you know, it's not the fact that it's older that takes away my gameplay experience in VC and III. Ah, the memories
  2. xGj


    Perhaps you should all cool down. Just discuss the map in here and don't be that rude against eachother, whoever started by making a vague, maybe insulting comment. I'm sure the message was just that .gif files don't give away enough of the actual map and that video would be nicer, and even though the comment was a little direct I believe you should all just let it go and focus on the map here. By the way I cannot see the image, it gives me a host error, upload it to imageshack or tinypic or something
  3. You have to give more information on your specific problem so we can help you. Other than that, I'd continue this in another thread as this topic is about something else. On topic: the freeroam menu is a script written for MTA I guess, it's not possible in regular GTA:SA (yet). Maybe someone else has made trainers etc. which enable you to do these things, so have a look around on the web (be sure not to use them in conjunction with MTA though!).
  4. Try deleting the gta_sa.set file in your local documents\san andreas (or whatever its called) folder. Also try to run the singleplayer at least one time before running MTA.
  5. Don't see why it should be stickied as there is a suggestion section already, and the dislikes you mentioned mostly have to do with the fact the script writers themselves make scripts buggy, not the MTA team. I also don't see the problem in adding admins through config files, how else would you like to do it? If everything was extremely easy a lot of bad servers would get up..
  6. Shame for you, but the only way to legally mod is to do it server and clientside (scripting). Hacking is just not allowed, it gives an unfair advantage and as lil_toady said it can cause desyncs. Live with it.
  7. Happy birthday MTA My favourite moments were the old clans and gunning around in MTA VC... Oh I freakin loved it. I still love Vice City.. I don't think any other game has ever gave me the same experience..
  8. xGj

    shooting from heli

    Yea I think the last method is the only way.. It wouldn't look as good though, seeing bullets coming out of a closed door.
  9. There are still race modes running on servers, just look for one. And I personally don't encounter much lag in deathmatch, it's just a thing of connecting to good/nearby servers.
  10. They don't only happen in the states, but I agree with you they should redefine their policies on guns there. Letting people have a gun for self defense is just plain stupid and asking for trouble.
  11. Hmmm well its good to see someone is making work of helping other people.. But to be honest I wouldn't stop any important Windows Services. I only disabled a few of which I know they are only useless to me (e.g. search indexing, I never search files anyway and it makes my HDD slower). This seems kinda dangerous to stop though, still good that you're trying to help though as I said before
  12. Only solution to get it to work on Ultimate? I run it on Ultimate, even the 64 bit version just fine without any fix or whatsoever applied.. Sorry to hear for some of you freezing but he was just telling you that your post was incorrect for most of us and you tell him to stfu..
  13. I don't understand the community First they whine the entire year for DM released and then they all want race back again
  14. ._. He wants to know how to script it so everyone automatically has frame limiter on so that people do not have an unfair advantage when racing when they have a high framerate. Do you honestly think you can ask everyone to turn it on when they connect to your server?
  15. First of all head to their forum for complaints on their server, second if you ban the server crashes. It's a known bug and will be fixed in the next release.
  16. xGj

    Crash to desktop

    Strange thing.. I have never had that crash yet I did /addupgrade 1080 as a passenger many times
  17. Just load the race resources (via your server console "gamemode 'mode' 'map') and the appropriate maps and youre good to go.
  18. That's not creepy it's fairly easy... If you read it properly, don't just copy and paste it but try to write it yourself again without looking at the wiki, and trying to understand what's written there about all different functions, you'll get to know it pretty fast. Then again, if you can't understand that, coding/scripting might not be the thing for you.. take a look at this LUA Manual too tho: http://www.lua.org/manual/5.0/
  19. Is it your own linux server you're trying to connect to? Or just any random linux based server out there. If it's your own, you need to set a gamemode and map first because it won't automatically (for example put in the server console gamemode cdm cdm_ls)
  20. xGj

    Script ban

    As I said in another thread speak English on these forums and if all you can do is bash other people just stay out of the thread. You're not helpful. At all.
  21. xGj

    Create a new cmd

    Better stick to english on these forums
  22. 1. AIDS is not a funny disease... Leave that out and I think you can manage something with scripting and the dildo as a weapon. 2. I wonder if theyre not already synchronized, I have no idea actually. If they aren't I can imagine it as being an unnecesary thing for many people that would only eat up bandwidth, but as I said, I'm clueless on this point.
  23. Well, sorry on behalf of the entire community that you can't aim. And who are you to state that a shotgun blast isnt almost an instant kill? Are you a beta tester? Have you actually played it? I can only explain you in common sense that when everyone would use auto-aim it would get way too easy and the game would get unbalanced and no fun. Auto-aim is something for the consoles because of a lack of keyboard and mouse, on the PC, you have a keyboard and mouse. If you fail to understand that and fail to play the game on a PC, go back to the console.
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