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  1. wot about spectator mode?? this is a very big issue i have found with the race mod, its a race, sometimes u want to watch the race 10 seconds respawn isnt long enough and no respawn just spoils it for those racing. This would be one of the main upgrades i'd like to see in the racing mod... thanks for the replys btw
  2. nice, do vehicles have weapons? mario kart/twisted metal stylee
  3. what kind of resource? is that a yes or no to my question? lol
  4. would i be able to script DM to run a race server? just like mtarace, but with things like spectator mode, weapons, passenger racing ect, all while feeling like mtarace (map changes, stuck in vehicles, respawn on, checkpoints, nitros, healths and vehicle changes) this is a very simple question and it would seriously boost the reputation of the best racing community/team on MultiTheftAutoRace. We have the best racing styled maps and 50+ ACTIVE team members and top map makers which is still quickly growing (considering we are only 8 months old), we are keeping the race mod alive with what mtar
  5. ok thanks, i've just added u to msn
  6. lol every topic on here has someone telling you to search the forums, if thats all you've got to say, dont say it, i know you should search, and i did, to no luck, hence why i posted a question... some people think we must be stupid... duh i've never used a fowum befowe... sorry.. had to get that off my chest... I'll add u Theoden, cheer's for trying m8!
  7. ok, im looking for someone to make a !challenge script, i would like it to work like this: on !challenge [nick] !challenge joebloggs COPS !challenge joebloggs DM !challenge joebloggs RACE on decision !accept !decline on completion and Public server return whichever is typed first: !winner !loser Unlucky joebloggs, you failed to win the [mode]challenge, you are deducted one point> on !cstats is that possible? i would also like a script that i can use in the private server that will log who wins/loses each challenge eg: !challenge[cops/race/dm] scrip
  8. people argue, get over it... my messages got deleted anyway... i dont see the problem, if i dont get unbanned ohwell, at least i can still read the blog.. and why does everyone everywhere i go just constantly go on about maturity? geez, ima 25 year old father and fiance, self employed, got my own house and make it on my own, thats maturity, not keeping my thoughts to myself on the internet. If i wanna bitch i bitch, but i see its a problem on the Devblog and i wont bitch again... well i think it was the first time i actually posted, and i got banned, funny... i got better things to worry ab
  9. haha, thanks... i know i gotta be let back in, im itching to leave a comment, grrrr lol
  10. i didnt do that much, i told someone to shut up coz they were whinging about something, and i asked for more updates, i think i got in an argument then, then i cannot post no more,
  11. lol i got banned for arguing in the MTASA Dev Blog, gutted, dont even think i got warned, sorry whoever i offended is there anyway i get unbanned, or is that a no-no... or have i just got myself banned from in here too, would be funny if i did, lol... say in 10 mins when i come back to check this, i was banned, i would appreciate your sense of humor, ohwell, see ya on mtasa, i'll whoop whoever banned me in a race if i stay banned
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