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  1. i have got the original. if you read my 1st message you will have known that. i dont want to damage my disc hence the reason why i use a no cd crack. i do this with all my games. i dont fancy paying for a new game again when i dont have to.
  2. yes it stops responding. my graphics card is a radeon x1800 gto
  3. i installed gtasa. replaced the exe with hoodlums no cd exe then installed mtasa. the gameloads up then it takes me to the main menu screen where 2 characters are sitting at a desk. it then freezes and goes no further. what is happening here? is it the no cd exe? the reason i use it is that i dont want to damage my game disc. i am using vista ultimate x86
  4. yep. even if all the radio stations ingame can get replaced with live radio streams. and put in an option for u to choose your streaming links. so all the radio stations would be the ones you like. rather than putting up with someone elses taste. there must be a way to program the server to access the radio station files in the game files and replace them with streams.
  5. is it possible to intrigate live radio streams into mta? that would be really good instead of listening to the same old stations that are on it all the time. it would mean that you can enter a car and listen to your favorite radio dj. it wold also need the option of you choosing what live streams you want in your version of the game as everyones taste is different.
  6. in this new deathmatch version of mtasa, will it have an option that allows you to play as the main character but choose different clothing? coz im thinking of making a football hooligan mod for it. i want to change certain items of clothing to the football team strips. this would be great coz you can choose your team strip and find one of your rivals and go to town with them.
  7. i can see where twig is comming from. but im so desperate to get this. i understand that ill have to wait just like everyone else. but like everyone else im getting a little impatient. anyway team keep up the good work and i hope its finnished soon.
  8. i dont want this question to sound cheeky but isnt it possible to release the alpha version you are working on for us to play deathmatch? we would all have to go with the rules of the server of course to avoid crashes. but what harm would there be in releasing it the now? i would love to play deathmatch for san andreas even if we couldnt use weapons or certain things. but it would be good to do silly things like play tig with the cars. or even play hide and seek or play tig with our fists in it. e.g run after each other and if you punch the other player then hes it. i know it sounds sad but i
  9. i need to know how to lock my server to the public. ive tried goin into the conf file and changed the setting to yes and changed the password but the server is still open to the public. can comeone please post a code on how to do this. obviously im doin something wrong.
  10. ok ive got everything working now. thanks very much for that. now all i need to know is , when i host my own server, how do i turn anticheat off?
  11. can i not use the advanced controll thing so i can use my playstation 2 controller. the program is called saac 1.2. it allows you to use the same controlls as the playstation 2 version. i noticed that the cheating thing stopped when i stopped using that. is there any way of the server letting me use that?
  12. ive installed it now and it works. but theres one problem . it disconnects me for suspected cheating. do i have to use a certain patch or no.cd crack. i dont like useing my disc as i dont want to damage it.. can someone please link me to the files i need to run the 1.1.1 mta. cheers
  13. sorry if this has been asked b4. but what is the latest version and does it have death match yet? or is it still the racing. i cant wait to get this. it will be the best online game ever.
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