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  1. Does anyone know of any good GTASA/VC mods, and a good place with alot of info/videos/screenies about it?
  2. wtf do u mean "ghost of toilet paper"
  3. yah, siberia pwnz. One time me and another friend were against 2 other people and we just bunkered down and waited for the other team to make the 1st move.it was like a stalemate for almost a half hour, then they moved to the little bunkerey thingey with the red gun powerup. one of the retards picked it up. his gun glowed bright red like the sun in contrast to the white snow.BOOM. his head was gone in a heart beat. Gawd it was great
  4. Is that a bad thing? yeh, venom is a real dick. me and one of my past forums had to raid his rotten tomatoes forum and post shit about him hundreds of times in the topics he made and had posted in to get him to either quit posting or something else(cant remember)
  5. Post your funny video game stories here. I have one story on timesplitters future perfect online. I was playing siberia with 3 other people(all on my team) playing capture the bag. there werent any enemies so we were just messing around. So i got the zeep and this other guy got in. so we were driveing around, and then i drove to the enemy base and tried to get him to get out because i wanted to drive the player that has the bag back to the base. so he wouldent budge, so the other 2 guys outside of the car start shooting at him with duel machineguns. I was loling at this point because it looke
  6. lol i am like the ultimate sniper on siberia. i hide in this little spot and just pick my enemies off as they appear, because i can only see certain parts of the map, but they are the most vital parts. once i started playing and it was me vs these 2 other guys. I got to my spot and kept picking them off so often that they got pissed and left one of my personal records is like 36 kills 4 deaths
  7. ITS GUUURRRRREEEEEAAAATTTTT! no, but actully i love it.I am a great sniper on siberia/team dm. Also having ethernet helps
  8. is his real name Vic, or is that a nickname?
  9. I... I honestly dont know, but im rofling at ur response
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